29 Oct 2018 addendum 1

Funny how I am starting to hear tons of radio advertising from Hive PAC’s during Conservative Radio times.  Some are forthright and admit their leanings, others like DCCC.org try to hide their bias.

I dont think anyone on the planet has yet to decide how they will vote next Tuesday.  Nothing at this point will change their minds, such as they are.  No matter what happens to try and discredit Trump his supporters will not leave at this point.

No matter what happens to make the Hive look bad, their supporters will not leave them.  And so it goes.  Perhaps I should volunteer for one of the Hive org’s so they think they have more ground support than they actually do?


Visiting blackpac.com (I cant imagine an whitepac.com) we see them define how they build power:

  1. Define the debate: Through creative media and campaigns, we make it impossible for politicians to ignore urgent issues in our community.  And we hold them accountable to elevating and acting on those issues.
  2. Get our people out: We provide new resources, along with best-in-class research, to support increasing levels of voter education and mobilization in federal, state, and local municipal races across the country.
  3. Build it to last: We advocate for our agenda 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Between elections, we mobilize our communities to hold politicians to their promises and to stop destructive policies from reaching our communities.

Well that’s interesting.


Sad to see Apu will be leaving the Simpsons.  Stereotyping, offensive, something like that.  Of course, portraying the other characters as:

-fat, lazy, clueless, cowardly father (Homer)

-sleazy, lying, stealing corporate thief (Burns)

-closeted homosexual, sycophantic yes-man (Smithers)

-insolent, spoiled brat (Bart)

-socially inept nerd (Lisa)

-slack jawed yokel (Cletus)

-lazy, corrupt, donut eating slob (Wiggums)

-stupid barkeep (Mo)

-corrupt, sex fiend politician (Quimby)

-condescending, uptight, preachy Christian (Flanders)

…these are all ok and acceptable.  Hm, I wonder what culture or race they have in common…?


Why did CNN whiten this picture?

Its like they got someone from central casting for NCIS or Law and Order, lol!


And that folks, puts an end to my day.  Headed out, see ya manana!

29 Oct 2018

A cheery anniversary!  Today marks the date 89 years ago that the New York Stock Exchange crashed.  Cesar beware the something, something, etc…?


Why would the mail bomber, a genuine POC (person of color), get such great press when a white guy shot and killed two random black guys at a Kentucky Kroger last Wednesday?  Seems the latter would be much more newsworthy… wait, maybe the news doesnt really care about…?  Nah, couldnt be!


Gab.ai is having some issues, no doubt motivated by political enemies.  You notice that Twitter and Facebook have not been de-platformed or had to switch hosts…


I suspect that once enough people have Seen the Light regarding Social Media there will be a significant  increase in private email groups and chat rooms.  Much harder I would think to kill a million gnats than to take down 100 large geese.


Or possibly start up their own website such as this one.  I am under no personal illusions that this makes the difference to any readers other than myself, and possibly Z.  Even my family does not know of its existence.

But as more people put more ideas out there individually – and away from the Collective that is The Socials – the better off our society will be, and the more resilient and anti-fragile we are.  Warning, link opens to YouTube.  Ironic, no?


Lieutenant Colombo Aesop has just a few more questions about the Lunabomber from last week, please humor him…


I have been wanting a good, catchy label for the OpFor for some time.  I, like everyone else, use terms like Left, Democrat, Never-Trump, Communist, Liberal, Collective, etc.  But they just dont seem to encompass the true range of nuts that comprise this vast land of Zombies.

So I borrow terms from other notable bloggers that get my attention and, for the most part, respect.  Terms like Clover, Cat-Lady, the Other and Cloud People come to mind.  But they too seem to be a bit confining.

Hence my use of the terms ‘Borg’ and ‘Hive’ are, to me, the most descriptive and the most inclusive, Diversity being our strength of course.  Because while They hail from all over Hells Half Acre in terms of physical appearance, racial and ethnic makeup, sexual preference, financial background, and what not, they are all homogeneous in one thing: their thinking.

They are infected with the pathogen that effectively removes them from among the individuals of the Earth (Urantia if you are so inclined – careful, its ‘out there’…) and places them solidly in the Hive.  If you are a Star Trek fan then the Borg will do. I prefer the Hive as it generally conveys the creepiness associated with most Hive oriented species known at this time on this Rock.


As I suspected all along!  Daddy issues.  Legit.

User tip: Please note that for purposes of this publication, ‘Legit’ means well and truly legit, whereas ‘Seems Legit’ has the usual connotation.


Say, who was that gal that was in the news a few weeks back, something about an assault thirty-ish years ago…?


Nearing lunch and a walk beckon.  More as warranted later by addendum.

26 Oct 2018

Oh my.  The FBI gets their man?  Let me guess, white male?  Initial reports have him as being in his 50’s, former resident of New York (presumably City?), known to law enforcement, history of making terroristic threats against judges.

Sounds like a leftist to me.  Here is the bet: if he is, the bombing story will get memory holed like it never happened.  You know, sort of like the Vegas shooting last year.  ‘We dont know what caused him to snap!  Look, a bunny!’


Well Ill be damned.  After how many years they finally got us on one?  An actual Trump supporter!  The thing is, I dont care, nor do I suspect do millions of others in the country.

It is blatantly obvious to me that this guy felt he had to do something to protect Trump from the non-stop, 24/7/365 attacks of the Borg.  It was how he rationalized the violence, just like the idiot that rationalized the violence against Scalise and the Republicans last year.

He was ineffectual and amateurish, but you can rest assured the next one wont be.  Lessons will be learned- on both sides- and the pressure will increase by a pound or two…  So if anyone ancillary is to blame other than the perp, I look at the media.

You cannot incessantly exploit divisions and fault lines for politics (as the Borg have done for at least 50 years) and then complain when there is an earthquake.  I stole that from Forward Observer by the way…


A short day I think.  More as needed later and throughout the weekend.

25 Oct 2018

Long today, some pictures.  Feel free to copy and disseminate.

Admin note regarding comments: if you post a comment and I have even a slight reason to suspect that you are a bot, or spam, or in any way fraudulent I will mark it as spam, move on down the road and not lose any sleep.  That is all.


It gives me great comfort to hear that ElRushbo is sounding pretty skeptical about the bomb narrative.  An informal eavesdropping of the office denizens also reveal a general distrust of the media narrative about how evil Trump is for encouraging violence…


A few tips on how to spot a false flag:

  1. immediate news coverage
  2. political agenda
  3. incident inspires intense emotion
  4. initial media stories conflict official story
  5. no dead bodies
  6. celebs used to influence citizens
  7. msm manipulation tactics
  8. fed.gov attention

Your mileage may vary in considering these in light of the ‘bombing attempts’…


The problem with the word today is that not enough people drink from the skulls of their enemies.  Just sayin’.


Did anybody know the islands of Tinian and Saipan were devastated by a typhoon – scratch that, a Super Typhoon recently?  I didnt either!  A few questions come to mind: how can the left pin this on Trump?  Are they too busy bombing each other to notice?  Why do we even need these islands as territories?  How pissed would they be if we fix ’em up and sent them on their way?

I mean really, do you see the United States anywhere on this map?!?


A passing thought linking Sportsball and such luminaries as Enron and Lehman Brothers.  Apparently Adidas got caught paying people for various favors.  What is standard practice in Pro-Sportsball is seemingly verboten in the college world where ‘kids’ play.

I am going to hazard a wild guess here, but just like Enron sounded the bell for corporate fraud that was (is!) standard operating procedure and Lehman Brothers were the canary of The Meltdown so too will Adidas and KU provide the Captain Renault moment of Sportsball.


Back to the bombs.  I know the Democrats probably view the Clintons and Obamas as expendable now and are probably totally embarrassed by the likes of DeNiro, et al.  But could you please at least connect the wires so the damned thing had a chance to go off and cause a little mayhem?  You’ll never get rid of your deadweight (heh) at the rate you’re going…


John Brennan has accused Trump of helping to incite Americans.  I think that is a reasonable view.  Trump has, in fact, incited Americans to stand up and fight back.  That is why we like him you misshapen troglodyte!


More on the bombs.  Alex Jones and Mike Adams predicted the bombs as false flags.  Weird.


Do not go here if you are the slightest bit queasy.  The Cat Ladies assume you would want to see them this way and it will cause you to reconsider your poor life choices.  I assume they have lost what little mind they had to begin with.


A belief I have held for some time is that there are a great many human looking bodies walking around, interacting, going through the motions, etc. that should not be here.  I dont know that I would go so far as to call them Zombies, but I think many of them had issues during childhood that, in normal historical times, would have killed the host body of their consciousness.

If their body carried on but the consciousness did not, then what is animating them?  How do they go about their business?  Are they simply elemental appetites acting and reacting?  Is this why there are so many out there that act so animalistic?

Heretical I know…

Time for lunch, more later.

24 Oct 2018

Explosive devices sent to Soros, Clintons and Obamas?  Sounds dodgy to me.  Its their people that are the experts at making bombs and deploying them…


Ah, Lyndon Johnson, noted pussy hound and now serial killer.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and when the wielder is corrupt to start with how efficient does it become…?


You are not your body.  A revolutionary concept that has been with us since the dawn of time…


‘Algorithm’ is a word much used in the news these days.  I wonder how many people actually know the definition and how it differs from the term ‘Logorithm’ (hint: a lot).  Do you homework and find out.


While reading somewhat aimlessly this morning I ran across a piece on Lincoln.  I consider him to be perhaps the most despicable meat sack to ever occupy the presidency.  Why?  Because he was the Obama of his age: ruthlessly political, drunk on power, racist beyond words, hypocritical in the extreme.

The loosely organized federation of states that was These United States became The United States because of him.  Power moved from the states to the central government.

So the country as founded really only lasted roughly 80 years before morphing.  But wait, there’s more.

Due to his machinations, the devolution of liberty continued into the debacles that were the 16th and 17th amendments, setting the autopilot on crash and wandering off into coach class to mingle.  This set the stage for the dictatorship of FDR who essentially set himself up as King for Life.  Thank you Death!

So the country as established/ altered by Lincoln only lasted roughly 80 years, but headed clearly in the direction he desired.

FDR sped up the pace of Big.Gov ad made the last 80 years possible and successful beyond his wildest dreams!  So for 160 years we have been on one side of a cycle with liberty and freedom being repressed with Machiavellian ruthlessness.

So the 4th Turning continues.  Of passing note, the President in each of the former cases died while in office.  Be careful Mr. Trump, I dont want to see you go prematurely, but Godspeed if you must, and thank you!


All for now, everyone should believe in something and I believe I’ll go get lunch.

23 Oct 2018

A couple of long days with actual work getting in the way.  I know, priorities and all, but I am hopelessly addicted to eating so what are you gonna do?

The impending debacle at the border seems fine tuned to keep us distracted from something, much like an illusionist would do on stage.  That someone or ones are behind this caravan of malcontents is plain to me.

As Deep Throat said all those years ago, follow the money…  Shouldn’t be that hard, with little to no rule of law anywhere on the planet.  a few deft keystrokes and a head turning away at the right moment and viola!  You have the source of the funds.

Also ask the question ‘cui bono?’  Latin for ‘who benefits’ it is wisely applied to damned near every aspect of modern life.  So… cui bono from a privately funded mini-invasion of the US during the fall season less than three weeks from election day?  Be prepared to show reasons.


Some dude (?) named Silver predicts there is an 86% chance the Dems take the House.  Yeah, I don’t know.  Polls are notoriously weak the last few years.  I suspect that no matter which way it goes, we will hear unending claims of Fraud and Illegitimacy.  Just they way we have been taught that it goes now, thank you Mrs. Clinton.

Of what possible use could 3.5 million extra voters be?


New Woodpile Report is out.  Be sure to check it out!


Its been a long day, rather tired and lots of errands after work.  Good night to all, more as the Spirit moves…

23 Oct 2018 Z with Comments

A few thoughts from z (not to be confused with The Z Man who is also well worth the read):

To my best and dearest friend (comment: I’ve known z for over thirty earth years and I think they may be laying it on a bit thick here…):  Thank you for publishing my rantings and musings on your site.  I hope you realize how therapeutic it is.


As I was reading over the site tonight, I noticed you visited a big box store.  Although you didn’t specify which store you went to, I just wanted to make sure you realize that there is a whole website dedicated to shoppers of one in particular.  And it is hysterical. Just sayin’. (comment: maybe…)


The left likes to play ‘what if’, so here’s my question:  What if Brett Kavanaugh was NOT confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States?  Would someone still be checking into the allegations against him?  Or would it be like O.J Simpson?  He’s not guilty…lets move on.  If the whole thing was dropped because he had not been confirmed, would someone still be looking into it?  We kept being told that he wasn’t entitled to the presumption of innocence because this was a job interview and not a court of law.  Okay, but if the allegations were pursued, would this have not wound up in court?  If so, wouldn’t someone have to PROVE them?  Just curious.


I was watching Eddie Murphy in one of his comedy shows he did for HBO (I think it was HBO anyway).  He did this skit where he was poking fun at the people of McDonalds.  You know, “do you want fries with that” kind of thing.  Anyway, he asked what must it be like at a McDonalds in say China?  He then went on to impersonate what a Chinese person would sound like impersonating an American ordering food.  It was hysterical.  This kind of thing cannot be tolerated in today’s society due to political correctness.  What a shame.  We can no longer laugh at ourselves or jokes.  I view this as a major miscarriage of justice and weep for our future.  Just as a side note, if you want to see where I think we’re heading, watch two movies: Demolition Man and Ideocracy.   Scare the hell out of you. (comment: The Office could not be made either per Steve Carrell).



20 Oct 2018

I somehow found myself over at Wikipedia yesterday and ran across the most delicious oxymoron at the entry for Timbuktu: ‘important medieval West African towns.’

Had to share.

Its Saturday here so I suppose the posting may be light today.  I have a wedding to attend.  I know some kids running off on some damned fool idealistic crusade and there is no talking them out of it.

But good for them, I suppose declining marriage rates have been one of the hallmarks of our declining western civilization.  So much so that ‘important 21st Century American city’ may one day be an oxymoron in its own right.


I own, or am owned by, a German Shepherd.  This one is particularly nosy, and I am thinking to might be the beginning of a new sub-breed, the East German Shepherd.  These nosy types are descended from the dogs used by the Stasi of old…


There are innumerable tests one can take on the internet willing to tell you your personality type and other arcana about yourself.  Ive done a number of these over the years and the results generally line up with the actual professional tests Ive served as guinea pig for.

INTJ is the Briggs Meyer type most commonly referred to, though there are others, such as the Eannead.  US population listed as between 2-3% depending on your source.  Im wondering if these traits carry with you from life to life, or if they reset so to speak.


I dont recall where, but somewhere yesterday I encountered a comment about the great libraries of antiquity always being destroyed somehow.  If not destroyed then secreted away (i.e. Vatican Archives, Nag Hammadi).

This led me to wonder about the Internet.  Quite possibly the greatest library known to man in modern times.  I cant help but worry that there are legions of demons out there that would take no greater satisfaction than to see it destroyed or curtailed (looking at you China, with sideways glances at the NSA…).

It has been a truism for me, since I heard it from Paul Zane Pilzer years ago, that the speed mankind progresses is proportional to the speed with which we communicate.  Pondering defensive measures may be useful.


Damn I feel stupid.  Wedding is tomorrow.  I found this out upon arriving to find the groom, with 20 minutes to spare, in jeans and a t-shirt, no guests in sight.

Small, informal affair like that it will not be…

19 Oct 2018

Z sent me a followup comment last night ‘I’d rather have my left nut caught in a car door.’

I know, it sounds cryptic…

Lets start the day.

My experiment with altered sleep patterns is going well enough.  I slept for a few hours after work, then got back up and kept myself busy till about midnight.

Part of that was wandering a local Big Box store.  I normally avoid those as best I can because, you know, Remus Rule #1.  Anyway, at 10pm this one was surprising quiet.  While wandering, I got to wondering and a few thoughts started tripping out in my head.

One being that for the last twenty years Hollywood has portrayed the Bad Guys as being, variously, Nazi’s, Christian, White Supremacist, White in general and Russian.  Whaaaaaaat?  Russian?  That bastard Trump!!

But hey, there is no programming going on you Racist Nazi Russian Gangster!  Vigilant Citizen does a great job of breaking a lot of this down.  Top Men in the field, you might say.


Another thought whilst ambling amiably though the aisles of generally cheap Chinese junk: Is it possible that the Nomads of the Millenial Saeculum could be the generation to make good on Mr. B. Franklin’s threat?  I hear a great many people commenting on the mutation of our Republic into a Mob Ruled Democracy.

It is when the Nomads move into elderhood at roughly age 60 that they take the reigns of power and start to steer society.  A great many of the Founders were Nomads it might be noted…

That will occur in another 10 years give or take.  And there are a great many cycles that will be converging at that time…  The question is what comes next?  The Nomads nod and smile politely as they are given their marching orders but inside they have different ideas about how things work best.

Sort of the way the White Elitist Leftists are learning that the POC Diversity they have imagined leading all these years suddenly have different notions about what they want to do with Power.  Heh.

Next, on to the news!

Seems nobody has figured out yet what the X-37B is doing up there.  400 days at this point…


Phew!  Cavers are some crazy fuckers!


Another fleeting thought: US elections will probably never be valid again.  Since 2000 there has been more and more suspicion about rigging.  Now that the Deeps have gone off the reservation with accusations, hints and allegations the Normals will never be able to trust that a Deep win is a real win.  National divorce anyone?  And so it goes…


If the Deeps are so certain of a win next month, why are they advocating so much violence?  Its like they are desperately trying to get a Normal to flip out.  Do they not realize the important lessons learned from Road House?


It takes a lot to rouse a patriot to action, they have jobs and obligations that don’t allow for being arrested and tried, even if the ultimate outcome of the experience is exoneration.  -Christian Merc


hmnh.  Rosenstein has decided to grace Congress with his presence after all.  The interesting thing to me is that he traveled to Florida with The Anti-Christ Trump on Air Force One.  It was after that trip that he no-showed his date with Congress, then maybe had a change of heart?  WTF?


American Renaissance has some interesting thoughts on the ‘Hidden Tribes’ report mentioned a day or so ago.  Worth the read for the perspective.


Pretty tired this afternoon, will spread more hate and discontent later.

18 Oct 2018

A guest post to start the day.  This from my one close friend I keep on the payroll:

I just got through reading an article about immigration.  So, here’s the thing.  If, like me, you feel that crossing the borders of this country without going through the official ports of entry or overstaying your visa is a crime then you are labeled a racist for wanting the borders secured and people sent back home (to their country of origin, not somewhere in the U.S).  There are a couple of arguments that typically come up: 1) They are trying to better their and their family’s lives and 2) We need them here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do.  That is usually followed up by “what do you want to do, deport them all?”.  The simple answers to these arguments as I see them are as follows:

  If you are trying to better your or your family’s lives, then start in your home country with its government.  There seems to be enough of you crossing our borders that I genuinely believe you could probably affect some real change.  I mean, you see this with refugees, why leave home?  I don’t want to leave home.  If you want to come here legally and assimilate with our customs, practices and way of life, fine with me.  But if you just want to sneak in, get money, that you will probably send back to your home country for the rest of your family, if you left them behind, while telling the people of this country we have to engage in your cultural practices and way of life with you, not interested.  If I wanted to live like a Mexican, Brazilian, or Venezuelan, I’d move there.  You remember “when in Rome”.

  Next, do you really believe that these people are the only ones that will do the jobs no one wants to do?  First of all shame on you.  The only thing that kind of thinking gets us is something just this side of slavery.  At best, it gets us indentured servitude.  I’m so sick of the ‘I don’t want to pay higher prices for food or hotels, so it’s okay.’  That’s total B.S. and you know it.

  Lastly, do I really want to deport them?  The simple answer to that question, and I wish more people would start answering more of these kinds of questions this way is YES.  Quit beating around the bush.  This is what I want and no explanation is required.  If you get the reply “that’s just not possible”, make that person explain why.  It’s not incumbent on you to prove your side of that argument.  You’re probably going to get some garbage about cost and manpower.  I say so what.  Send them off to do the cost comparison and enjoy the time without any more stupid questions.

Epilog –

  I’m really sick of people who debate issues that have a hard time giving a straight answer.  Answer the question as briefly and succinctly as possible and then, and only then, give reasons or statements to back up the answer.  If you are asked a catch twenty-two type question and asked to answer it with a yes or no, you have to explain that is impossible and then you can give your short answer.  I prefer replying to one of those with “you know, that question is like me telling you to answer yes or no to the question “have you been caught masturbating yet””, that gets their attention and proves a point.



I started a new experiment yesterday.  I am forever trying something different and seeing how it works or doesnt and what effect it has on me.  Im not quite to Tim Ferriss or Steve Pavlina levels of insanity/ progress, but it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars.  For the most part.

Anyway, I read somewhere once that in Ye Olde Tyme Middle Ages and or Renaissance times people slept in two periods.  They would crash early, then get up for a few hours, read, pray, fuck off, fuck around, fuck each other, whatever, then go back to sleep till daybreak.

My other half is out of town for a few days, so rather than bungle the time with ambient idiocy like crack or hookers I decided to give this a go.  After getting home and doing a bit of labor in the yard I read for a bit, doted on the furbrats some and went to sleep about 8:30.  Eastern, Central, Mountain, doesnt matter.  I set an alarm for midnight at which point I got up, puttered around out in the garage for an hour or so, read a bit more and back off to bed.

I expect my co-workers will probably find me at my desk later, slumped over the keyboard with drool on my chin, sawing logs.  But we’ll see.


From The Burning Platform, possibly the funniest comment I have read regarding Elizabeth ‘Fauxahontas’ Warren: her DNA makes her more Aryan than Hitler!

Power makes you stupid.  And lazy.

From the comment section came the suggestion that Trump should indeed pay up on the debt: 1/1024th of it, in Sacajawea dollars!  That would be $976.56.  Maybe to be generous he could pay the change in Indian Head pennies…


I dont know what the Left is all up in arms over Kashoggi for, I mean he was a man and in the hierarchy of their grievances that is the most basic.

This brings to mind a thought.  It seems to me that it goes without saying that there is a hierarchy that the Left uses to decide who is an ally and when.  Ms. Warren, you may want to pay attention to this…

First you have the (2) Sexes.  Man and Woman.  Uh, ‘scuse me, make that Woman and Man.  Dont want to be sexist…

Then you have (5) Races. Lets see, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Brown.  Did I miss any?

Then we come to sexual orientation.  The list here is longer than I know off the top of my head and I lack the motivation to go research it, so lets say there are (12).  I know that is a conservative number, there are probably hundreds when you figure in the people that have a thing for toasters, masonry (bricks, not the guys in regalia), lumber, fish, etc.

Depending on which level of ‘The Hierarchy of Grievances’ a person falls on tells you who is capable of Oppressing them and how violently the Oppressor must be taken down.  Slow realization of this is why the Heterosexual White Males (the worst of all three known levels) are being marginalized and excommunicated from the Party.  Even if they arent Heterosexual they are starting to be seen as privileged, and sooner or later that will be the case if their only crime is being White and , eventually, Male.


As has been said many ways in many places, a movement can succeed without a god, but never without a devil.


Hm.  Now that is a curious comment.  Whoopi (yes, the perpetually aggrieved harpy) reportedly said that women who used sex to get ahead in their Hollywood careers should ‘cop to it.’

Now why would she say that after banging the #MeToo drum like it was a $2 whore for so long…?  Cui bono, as the Romans would say?


Another odd comment, this time from Joe Biden.  He suggests that there is not, after all, any evidence of widespread voter fraud in the election process.  Sudden changes make me think:


Ok, work beckons.  If I am able to get to it sooner or later I will work on a summary of Carl Jungs thoughts on state v religion.  Fascinating stuff!