14 Nov 2018 guest thoughts from Z

Z has had a few thoughts over the last week or so, to wit:

I looked up what dog whistle means.  I found this on Wikipedia: “Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different, or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup”.  If that is true then how come EVERY television show host knows what Donald Trump is saying that they can tell their audience his comments were dog whistles?  Just curious.


I find it very interesting that the left, and more specifically SJWs, like to re-define words or terms.  Sometimes you even hear them say things like “in my mind” or “I think it means”.  And we’re told we have to go along with it or that we have to remember what that specific person likes or defines something as.  This does not work from the other side.  I witnessed tonight someone saying that term means this and being told they couldn’t change the meaning or re-define it.  I’m so confused.  I thought the left was for more free speech and bucking norms.  I guess I was wrong.



Help me understand something.  The state of Georgia removes more than 50,000 names from the voter registration because information on their applications appeared different from government records.  They get sued for voter suppression of minorities stating that it unfairly discriminated against minorities.  An injunction was issued that requires the state to change its procedures to allow more than 3,100 people prove their citizenship more easily, such as by showing a U.S. passport or other documentation — and only to a poll manager.  So here’s what I don’t understand:  Why is it always, and only minorities that are affected by this kind of thing? Why can’t people keep their documentation straight?  I do not go by my birth name but on things that matter I use the name that is on my birth certificate, my drives license, my conceal carry permit, etc.  I sometimes think it’s intentional.  Besides they are only concerned for 3,100 people?  That works out to be 6.2% of the 50,000 people.  The melt down that ensued over this would have one believe all 50,000 were minorities.


I just read a headline that reads “Neil Young bans Trump from playing ‘Rockin’ in the free world’”.  You would think that people who make money from non-conventional jobs, such as musicians, would want as many people listening to and buying their music.  I have to agree with Mike Huckabee, I’ll take money from anyone and everyone, especially those on the opposite side of the political spectrum from me.  That way I can spend their money on things that matter to me.  Just sayin’.


From our good friend Dennis Miller: “Socialism is like a nude beach, sounds good until you get there”.

Amen, brother


I just had a thought as I was perusing some of the news sites I visit.  It seems to me that most of the mass shootings that have taken place in this country have taken place either at a school or bar/night club.  The exception being Las Vegas.  Which we shouldn’t have heard about because “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.  Anyway, I say don’t pass tougher gun laws.  Don’t try

to remove guns from our society.  Instead, get rid of schools and bars/night clubs.  Problem solved!


Biting commentary on the BBC and Dr. Who…  Sad, just sad.


If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, start at around 5:31 or so and watch the piece on cultural appropriation.



14 Nov 2018

My apologies for the unseemly hiatus, I was busy.  And by ‘busy’ I mean ‘lazy’.  And working.  I was working.  Some.  Moving on, lets cut into this tumor and see whats out there today.

Never ones to let victory get in their way, the GOP is reported to be looking for another ‘Cheney’ type to help them find a winning message.  Apparently the winning message Trump actually achieved is not to their liking, so they are looking for The One to help them retake second place.  Its like their comfort zone.


I will freely admit I know nothing about this, but the headline is intoxicating: Here Come the Hoverbikes!  Oh.  Fuck.  Yes!


Ok, I’ll say it once and then move on: blame for the wildfires in California can be placed not only on the idiot that set the fire, but on the Environmentalists that have insisted on letting the FUEL grow to such incredible density.  Burn baby burn!  Otherwise I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of life and property out there.


Well here you have it.  None other than noted Financial Analyst Supreme Bette Midler has made her pronouncement on the so-called ‘woes’ the stock market is experiencing and the cause is…. Donald Trump and his Hateful Rhetoric!

I shit you not people, this perpetually aggrieved harpy is out selling the point.  I figured it was a no-brainer that the Hive would try to a) make the market look bad and 2) blame that on Trump.  But trotting this tied old Nag out to start the ball rolling?  Really?


Aaaaand they’re here.  Migrants arrive at Southern Border.  You didn’t think that story went away just ‘cuz the election was ‘over’ (i.e. being gamed in the courts…).

Now, where were those Troops…?


Well, I guess immigrants dig it here and they are gonna show up not matter what.  We obviously dont have the cajones to shoot them which I think would stop them in relatively short order…  The funny thing though is that once they get here they start to look Conservative IF they assimilate in any way, shape or form.

They dont want those dirty bastards they left behind here any more than the rest of us do.  Its sort of like having your little brother or sister tag along on a date.  Your chances of getting some drop to near zero!

That’s enough for this morning, I have actual work to get back to.  More later as warranted.


9 Nov 2019

Lets start.  Today is the anniversary of Kristallnacht.  for the publicly educated amongst us that is when the Nazi Party (you know, the National Socialist Workers Party, sort of like the Democratic Socialists of America today…) spent the better part of the overnight hours beating up cats.  Uh, Jews.  They broke into the homes and businesses of same, shattered windows, dragged the bastards out into the streets and politely invited them to leave town.

Well, some of that is correct, you can find more details at numerous sites.  Real tragedy and all that.  The thing is the tension had been building for some time and the smart Jews got out while the getting was good.  The ones left around were either unobservant sons-a-bitches, broke, or stubborn to leave.  They were the ‘it cant happen here’ crowd.  Something we may want to consider today with Antifa running around.


Something I dont quite understand.  8ch and 4ch are pretty rough places to go visit.  There is censorship at the major sites such as Facebook and Twitter, what about the chans?  Who hosts those sites?  Why are they not a target (or so it seems) of the Hive?  I am inherently suspicious of anything electronic.  If it emits a signal of any kind it can be tracked by someone with the knowledge, skill and incentive to do so.


Looks like someone is in agreement with my Neil Young assessment yesterday:

“I just read a headline that reads “Neil Young bans Trump from playing ‘Rockin’ in the free world’”.  You would think that people who make money from non-conventional jobs, such as musicians, would want as many people listening to and buying their music.  I have to agree with Mike Huckabee, I’ll take money from anyone and everyone, especially those on the opposite side of the political spectrum from me.  That way I can spend their money on things that matter to me.  Just sayin’.


More later?  Maybe.

8 Nov 2018 addendum 1

And now I am pissed.  I have a Starbucks S’well bottle.  It was given to me and, though I thoroughly detest Starbucks and all the SJW bullshit for which they stand, I accepted it because I appreciated the gift and I believe in misappropriating things like that and utilizing them for purposes that oppose the Hive.

Well this fucking piece of shit has gotten the better of me I must admit.  Its utter uselessness is a marvel to behold!  The neck is too narrow to admit a normal sized scoop of something simple like hot chocolate, aminos or hell even Kool Aid!

Further, the cap of this piece of trash (my apologies to trash everywhere, I do not intend to drag you down to the level of this thing) builds up pressure so that every time you open it the contents have a mini ejaculation all over whatever you are wearing, working on, thinking about, dreaming of or imagining.

I would be perfectly willing to let someone take it provided they could prove its destruction with some sort of military grade ammunition or other military/ commercial ordnance.  Destruction by military armor or heavy construction equipment would also be acceptable.

A white phosphorous grenade would be the most preferred provided a video was made of the destruction.  However these are all moot points as it would require giving up some anonymity to relinquish ownership of this steaming pile of cow shit to another human.

So I will figure out something else to do with it and update you when it happens.


Better be careful, its a slippery slope when you point out the legal definitions of things like battery…  Video abounds and there are many, many, many instances out there of ‘battery’ on Trump supporters and Normals by the Hive!  Could have lawyers and jailers waist deep in work for decades!


Slow afternoon, nothing blowing up yet which is sort of a bummer.  Perhaps something good will happen overnight.  Peace!

8 Nov 2018

There is a certain crispness in the air today. RBG has fractured some ribs in a fall and when a lich reaches her advanced stage of decay cracked anything aint good…

Also little Jimmy Acosta has been kicked out of the playground, frowny face!  That big mean bully Trump is bad, bad, bad!!  Just because I called him names and said mean things about him doesn’t mean he should kick me out of his house!!

Let’s see, oh yes, Sleepy is out the door, fired by The Man.  Perhaps if the Old Crone kicks it in favor of a perpetual dirt nap then we may see some head-busting goodness from the likes of Trey Gowdy or perhaps even Lindsey Graham (assuming he has truly Seen the Light…).

Hive heads everywhere are feeling pressure build up at these turn of events, just getting ready to go all Kingsmen, and the display should be spectacular!  The very thought of it warms my cold, dead heart!

Well lets see what else passes for reality today…

Go ahead and do a quick search for the term ‘caravan’.  Go ahead, Ill wait.

On DuckDuckGo the results point fairly uniformly to the caravan from last April.  On Google, more refer to the current sorry mess, but very little mention of it in the last 2 days.  Wonder why.


A special comment to the media from z:

…..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
…….\\………….. _.·´


Hm, can you imagine the unrest when RBG gets replaced by a straight, white male?  If youre the praying type, now would be a good time to ask whatever God or gods there be to take her from us quickly!


There are a great many artists out there who are objecting to Trump using their music or artwork at his rallies.  A couple of immediate thoughts that come to mind are the licensing agreements these jerkoffs signed allow for their labels to sell the rights to use the music, etc.

Assuming that Trump is smart enough not to use something without paying the proper royalties, how does he go about getting his money back and what are the legal ramifications of an artist reneging on this obligation?

Secondly, it seems that they are trying to prevent the linking of their songs with certain ideas in the minds of the Normal populace.  By objecting to this, do they realize that they are actually strengthening that very association?


I have been filtering through some of my notes this last week and am starting to come up with some topics that I intend to write on in the near to mid future.  Most will be not much more than a series of questions intended to spark thinking and inspire one to arrive at a decision.  Said decision need not be one that I agree with of course.

Hopefully these topics will help get people away from the usual drivel of the day that we get (here and every damned where) that serves as mere gnats to keep us swatting away instead of concentrating on the real, solid issues of life lurking in the corners to drag us like demons down to hell!

Uh, next

Everybody should believe in something, I believe I’ll go get some lunch.

7 Nov 2018

Well that was somewhat anti-climactic.  I am a proponent of gridlock so I am actually a bit pleased with the outcome last night.  Does anyone truly believe that Trump will sign ANY legislation originating in a Hive controlled House?

Even better, the House can now impeach away and demonstrate their madness and powerlessness.  After all, the House impeaches, but the Senate (now ‘solidly’ controlled by Republicans) tries the case!  As the yutes would say, ‘LOL’…

Personally, I think Trump’s 2020 re-election was just cinched last night because the Hive will be 100% unable to restrain themselves for the next two years.  Also, Trump is already a candidate, duly registered with the Federal election Commission…

Just my two cents.


Aesop has some, uh, specific words for outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan.  One of the better lines:

     This is the one man in America who should be hounded and cat-called and annoyed at every restaurant he dines at forever, until he dies, or gets ahold of a gun and one bullet, and does the honorable thing.


Its a no-brainer to me that the races were, at least on the Hive side, largely illegitimate.  Probably on the Republican side as well, but for sure on the Hive side.  Multiple voters, Soros funded agitator groups, non-citizens voting, etc were all designed to make sure they won, dammit!

I cant say that I am disappointed.  Sad, yes.  Much like putting a beloved pet to sleep I am firmly of the opinion that the nation cannot be healed or re-united and must be brought to as speedy and humane an end as possible.

I’d really like to see it happen peacefully. Perhaps if we just start ignoring each other?  I dont know.  What if we all Go Galt?  Is this how the Mayan society collapsed?  People just wandered off into the jungle, started digging roots and having conversations with the birds?

Sigh.  Next

Two things that I accept as Gospel:

  1. a people get the government they deserve and
  2. the true wealth of a country is its people and their productive capacity

Bad omens for us!


A comment from Z:

So, here’s the thing about the national election yesterday.  I firmly believe that even the Republicans want the Democrats in power.  Why, you ask.  Very simple.  Let me explain.  Even the Republicans thought that Hillary was going to win the last Presidential election and thought that they were going to lose the house.  They were absolutely prepared to go on opinion and news programs and grandstand about issues.  Things like “what can we do?  We’re not in power”, or “we are trying to get (place issue here) done for our constituents, but the Democrats have a majority.  There’s nothing that can be done”.  My prediction is that we will start seeing that very soon after the newly elected candidates are sworn in next year.  Buckle up folks, it’s going to feel a lot like the Obama years for the next couple of years, if not more.


Fits very well with this article .


Gettin’ close to lunch and even worms and buzzards gotta eat.  More later, probably.

6 Nov 2018

This is the most important election of all time!  So we are told anyway.  I cant help but wonder how important it would be if Trump weren’t in the White House and Mueller wasn’t so full of, um, gravitas…?


I have a little Eagles cues up today.  Time keeps on slippin, etc, etc.  Seems appropriate for today.  Tick tock, tempus fugit, you know the drill.


I was listening to a young lady last week go on about an experience she had at a wedding.  Apparently the bride and groom had a hired gun type pastor from out of town, natch.  This guy dared to tell the young ‘uns serving in the wedding how it was gonna be, see?  It’s my way or the highway, see?

Well.  Yutes of today don’t take that shit real well.  A sort of coup was in the offing and, uh, negotiations were made.  Some people capitulated, others didn’t, hilarity ensued for most involved.

Except the SJW’s of course, who found the offensive officiator to be mysoginist and just a real poopy head in general.  And to honest, from her version of events he did sound like a first rate prick, of the type that needs a good possessing by demons of some sort.

I could not help but wonder a few things though.  Had it been a Muslim Imam laying down the law would the coup still have taken place?  I  mean come on now, those guys will cut off your ear if they don’t like your face!  Would a hysterical, shrieking wiccan have gone over as poorly as the admittedly doofus of a Christian did?

Probably much ado about nothing.  The actual offender was a white male in the Christian religion of course so I assume he could do no right no matter how meek and grovelling he had been.  Pity.


So the late night hosts last night were promoting bullying.  Seriously.  ‘Bully your family and friends into voting’ they said!  I thought bullying was bad?  Wasn’t it Michelle Obama himself that was the anti-bully campaigner in chief?  Well, what do I know…


A thought exercise for the day.  If the hive takes the house expect tomfoolery and hijinks, along with all sorts of mudslinging and arm waving.  I suppose they will introduce all sorts of legislation to supposedly advance their agenda.  But with a republican senate there is little chance of reconciliation and should that occur, an almost certain veto.

So I see gridlock, which is not bad in my book.

If the blue wave fails to arrive, I expect hysteria in the streets and lots of Nazi’s getting punched.  More Days of Rage type stuff from the 60’s as noted last week.  Not good, but not terribly unexpected.

So more of the same?  A few more ratchets on the way to the Great Korean Roof Dance.  And so it goes.


Zman has a few good points about the Impending Doom of the Hive taking the House.  Mainly being that Pelosi is a Most Excellent Reminder to sane, white people why they do NOT want to vote Hive!  Worth the visit today.


Ace of Spades has some interesting thoughts on the democrat-RINO alliance and what it means for the future.  Calling the liberal wing of the R party out for being engaged in kabuki theater lo these many years.


I have a great deal of respect for Matt Bracken.  So when he writes an editorial I pay attention and read the whole thing.  Yes, he seems to have a vested interest, but he also makes some compelling points…


My oh my, Remus is in a dark mood today.  Opening thoughts on hunger and survival.

And yes sir, this is a classic!


Ah, here we have it!  From Ben and Jerry’s, the Official List of Inclusivity: people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, refugees, and immigrants.  People not on the list are probably not even people…


Well this list is interesting.  Talk about getting doxxed!  I wonder how long till someone cross references this list for geographical  locations and posts accordingly.


Pretty quiet hereabouts today.  Reports are that the lines mid-day were pretty long.  Im not headed out till after work so we’ll see what kind of freaks show up then…


Ok, a quiet has settled over the battlefront with field reports starting to make their way into hushed headquarters across the nation.  I guess its my time to go take part, officially, in the civil war that is the midterm.  More later.

5 Nov 2018 Guest Post from J

I have so much respect and admiration for my friends that will be hosting and housing any of the incoming Honduran (or any other refugee status) citizens that are currently on their way to the US border.

PLEASE make sure you post LOTS of pictures and updates of all those you lovingly help shelter and give a home to.  I want to see photos and hear of your experiences with all the people you allow into YOUR HOME.  All the people YOU help feed, clothe, shelter and support.  The people YOU allow to inhabit YOUR HOME with YOUR CHILDREN.

You are amazing and selfless people that I look up to for your kind heart, sacrifice, and ethical standards.  You are such beautiful people.  I look forward to seeing your updates and hearing your success stories.  God Bless You


1 Nov 2018

Ah, I am so glad to see November arrive!  There is something about the 1st that has always refreshed me!

I had to laugh at the very brief headlines on Drudge last night.  Something about a very credible woman accusing Robert Mueller of rape.  Well, nothing would surprise me to be honest, especially from him, but I suspect a scam.

Most telling though was the Hive reaction.  The very same hypocrites who two weeks ago were screaming about believing every accuser immediately referred this one to the FBI to investigate as a scammer.  To the Anti-Hive credit, most seem to dismiss this much the same way they did the idiocy that was Ford.


A potential new source for your consideration.  Recommended by WRSA so good enough for me, at least for now.  Time will tell.


Um, Master,

how are you going to get them?


LA Times Hedges Bets.  Seems a bit cynical to me, but hey, it is California…


They say an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped.


Blue wave?   Damp mist?  Red tide?  Who knows.  I suspect the youth, widely touted as being very active this midterm and voting heavily democrat, will surprise everyone.  That or they have already figured out how to vote multiple times and are just doing some good old fashioned vote rigging.

Either way I guess we’ll be a step or two closer to the Korean Roof Dance

All for now.

30 Oct 2018

Some light posting this morning…

Stay out of Sarajevo or as Remus says, Stay Away From Crowds.


War of the Worlds, 80 years ago tonight!  Fake news has been around for some long time, eh?


Ouch, that’s gonna hurt the Hive down the road, lack of fuel and what not…

But wasn’t it great when the Mighty Kenyan said he had a phone and a pen?


OMFG!  Hilarity from Popp via Aesop.  The money quote: your parents and teachers wont tell you the truth to spare your feelings, but an asshole will!


Interesting.  Chick-Fil-A is now reputed to be the happening place for teens, dethroning Starbucks.  How can this be?  Chick-Fil-A is run by a bunch of homophobes dont you know?  Starbucks is soooo Progressive!  What the hell is the matter with these teens?  Dont they realize what they are doing to the country?!?

Lets hope…

All for now, lunch beckons.  Peace.