Stolen Comment

From a readers comment over at WRSA:

…something did spring to mind the other day when pondering some of the AAR’s on various Antifa and BLM “protests”.

Note that historically, almost all European colonial armies made use of the “native elements” by first and foremost assigning to them “White Officers”, who knew their jobs (usually), and in the beginning of organizing such units White NCO’s as well.

Secondly, such “Native” units were almost always paired with “European Troops”, regiments or battalions of Europeans (often as not Irish, or other put-upon “nationalities” within the European country’s boundaries) in order to make them steadier on the field. “Stiffening their resolve in the face of the enemy”, as it were.

It was noted over the centuries that while very aggressive (perhaps too much so) in the attack, when any sort of resistance was encountered, or a reverse happened, they would fall apart and as often as not run for their lives without Europeans there to give them courage, resolve or whatever you would like to call it.

One may come up with all sorts of reasons for this system being emplaced, but the bottom line is that Colonial Corporations such as the various East India Companies, which were definitely profit-minded and pinched pennies until they screamed, spent a lot of extra money on building this system, so they had good reasons to do so.

What the present situation looks like to me, again based upon various AAR’s and photo’s, is that the Left is doing the exact same thing with their “ethnic” (read BLM) auxiliaries. White men (almost always men, BTW) are giving on-the-ground orders, and the units are “stiffened” in their resolve by adding into the mix a lot of fairly well organized, and less flighty White kids (read Antifa) into the mix.

I thought that it was rather interesting, this revisiting of the old Colonial attitudes and methodologies being applied today in the present unpleasantness. Asin the days of yore, they must have good reasons for it. It also points to at least one major weakness in their system, which ought to be able to be exploited in one way or another.

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