Dictionary Update

Media WordReality Word
BLMterrorist group BLM, BLM terrorist
cis-gendernormal person, man, woman
far-rightcentrist, right-wing, person
hatenormal reaction
hate crimecrime, legal act
hate speechwords, quote, speech
homophobeman, woman
liberalprogressive, far-leftist
mediapropaganda outlet
pridesin, perversion, sodomy
problematicfine, normal, expected, harmless
pro-choicepro-killing (the lives inside would-be mothers)
protestriot, illegal gathering
protesterthug, criminal, vandal, rioter, looter, thief, insurrectionist, murderer, arsonist, rabble-rouser
racistwhite person, person, man, woman
systemic racismthe absence of racism
transsexual manwoman
transsexual womanman
transphobeman, woman
vilebanal, harmless
white supremacistwhite person, person, man, woman
When you use their words, they win…

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