Gilroy Garlic

Monday, 7.29.2019: I saw a headline this morning about some chap shooting up a garlic festival in Gilroy (wait for it…) California.

Immediate thoughts: California? Thats unpossible! They have some of the strictest gun control statutes in the nation! Hm, no mention of race or political leaning, must be OTW (other than white) and somewhere to the left of Stalin. Curious how some reports say three dead, others say four (including gunman). More seem to say 4 than 3. They never seem to mention the term ‘knifeman’ or ‘carman’ when people use them to commit mass atrocity.

Tuesday, 7.30.2019: Surprise, perpetrator was ‘Italian-Iranian’ which, had he done something good, would have been abbreviated to ‘Iranian descent’…

Not much else forthcoming other than that he was ‘very angry’. This link has the scary title ‘Disturbing Picture of Shooter Emerges’. What it shows is no such thing. Other than a mention of an old book that may or may not be relevant it actually shows that he was a pretty normal sort of chap apparently. Time will tell.

Also on Drudge today were two articles, potentially related to this event though not at first glance obvious. First was one that noted author Candace Bushnell is now past 50, divorced, sad and lonely. Who is Candace Bushnell? Why none other than the author and creator of Sex and the City. Thats right, after promoting the 4 shrill harpies of professionalism and career pursuit she is now regretting not having had children.

Hm, I wonder why that would be… Perhaps she misses watching them grow up and joining in their achievements and trials. No, dont think thats it. Perhaps she misses out on realizing her potential as a woman that only a woman can reach by being a mother? No? No, I suspect not that either.

Ohhhh, I get it. she mentions something about ‘who’s going to take care of you when you get old?’ She only misses the kids because they could have provided something for her. Ah yes, the old ‘what have you done for me lately’ shtick. Pathetic. She was pretty good looking but now, while still not too bad, no self-respecting man would do much more than throw her a bone (take that as you will…) because thats all she desired for her useful and productive years.

The second article was a slight wail in the New York Post op-ed by Maureen Callahan (whom I know nothing about). In it, she poses the question ‘why are so many young men so angry?’

The premise of the question is leading as I think there are FAR more angry young women thanks to shrews like, well, Candace Bushnell. They’ve all been sold a bill of goods and now they realize its the total package of shit that they didnt believe it could be and, more than anything, they are angry at themselves.

But of course if you give someone the option of blaming themselves and blaming others for their predicaments they rarely choose to blame themselves…

More on this I guess as I run across updates and feel the spirit…

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