WordPress Joins Gestapo

WordPress, the host of this site, has joined the gestapo and is now stifling and censoring views it does not agree with.


Go ahead, try to get to it. Heartiste has been and is a pronounced voice of the dissident web. But it hurts people feelings so go it must.


Of course, the porn sites all get to stay so that tells you how concerned WordPress truly is about ‘offensive content’ or whatever bullshit drivel they try to pass this off as.

Guess its time for me to start looking for a new home as well. I, with my one reader, am faaaaar to small to worry them, but in the immortal words of Clint Eastwood, ‘dont give the cocksuckers the satisfaction of taking your money.’ Or something like that.

Bullshit of the Day

Well isn’t this nice!

Antoinette Love and her oh so proud parents.

The questions that this brings to my mind are thus:

What did she do that was SO great it warrants such a vast number of college admissions and scholarships?

What was her GPA to merit this? (answer: 3.5)

Presumably there is a student every single year that has more admissions and scholarships than any other student. Where are the stories from previous years about them?

Reading the article it seems that being the first in your family and helping raise siblings while attending community college is a BIG deal and merits this sort of write up. I bet the entire national debt of the United States that she isnt the first to pull off such a mind numbingly hard multi-tasking feat. Where are the stories about the other pioneers and trailblazers for their families, many of which are undoubtedly black, female, underprivileged, etc.

She was able to apply to specifically black universities and scholarship funds. Reading between the lines, she presumably would not have had as many admissions if she had not been able to exploit that resource.

She also exploited admissions waivers. Not entirely sure what that means, but Im guessing that said waivers dont apply to whites, or do not apply to as many whites…

Now I guess I have to ask, is she smart? Probably. But dont for one second tell me that she is someone special because she is the recipient of a riculous number of diversity awards because of her skin color or gender. She isnt, and if she is truly intelligent and self aware she is probably somewhat embarrassed at the fawning attention and the pointed lack of merit it demonstrates. Her classmates, once they learn her background, will smile knowingly as they ‘congratulate’ her on being the first from her family to attend such ‘prestigious’ institutions.