Another Manifesto

A friend sends this for posting:

My Manifesto to All Who Oppose Reason, Common Sense and Decency:

Yes, I am a white, heterosexual male who believes in a God and that there are universal standards of good and evil.  I believe that individuals and families are the bedrock of our society and that groups of Kind and/or like-minded people are free to associate with or exclude whomever they please based on any criteria that pleases them.

I believe that government agents known as politicians and bureaucrats as well as their various law enforcers are racketeers sucking the life out of humanity no differently than ticks and viruses do to their respective hosts.

I believe that these criminals have infiltrated, comandeered and stolen every major organization in the world whether commercial, religious, civic or otherwise and have infected them with their special brand of thievery and dishonor.

I believe the main reason for the virus-like spread of agendas that seek to save humanity or the planet or whatever alarmist topic that is raised is only a masked urge to rule with an iron fist in a velvet glove.  I reject all attempts to make these noble ideas into public policy.  

I believe the only way to save anything whether the most lowest threatened form of life or the very planet itself is to change, willingly, within each human being.  Any attempt to force, cajole, bribe or othewise fraudulently obtain compliance is merely done at the barrel of a gun and will not last.

I reject notions of guilt for things I have not done and had no part in.  I reject notions of shame for things I am not regardless of others opinions of me.

I do not care what racist, homophobic, low IQ, Neanderthal, dog hating, vile beast you may wish to call me.  Your opinion means nothing to me.  I am my own warranty and own my means of production.  I had no special breaks.  I have been disadvantaged because of the color of my skin and my gender.  I have overcome those and used them to my advantage instead of using them as a crutch and an excuse to fail and blame others for that failure.
Without me, and millions of Others like me, western civilization will collapse.  The barbarians will overrun our lands and you will know true suffering rather than the first world, petty, emotional offenses that currently ‘plague’ you.  

I, and the Others, have had enough of your abuses.  The Saxon has been awakened.  You have been warned.

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