19 Feb 2019

WTF is thisĀ bullshittery?!? I asked the following simple question, waaaaaay the fuck down in the comment thread: are you willing to kill gun owners to enforce this idea?

I suppose it all boils down to that question, doesnt it. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent and while most of the libertistas will not initiate said violence I think more and more have set their minds and hearts that, should some incompetent Hive type (like this goofy hundin) brings sportiness their way, they will respond with extreme prejudice.

Case in point: one human I know said to a .gov agent one day: You know XXXXX, I really like you. If you ever have to raid my house please try not to be one of the first seven or eight through the door…

Such is the American mindset.

A bit of background on the bint linked to above:
Gabrielle BlairĀ , so in touch with ‘Merika that she has lived in New York, Colorado, France and Oakland CA. Is a ‘designer’, so no doubt understands the value of hard work, at least as it relates to bossing subcontractors around.

Oh yeah, also claims that men are 100% responsible for 100% of unplanned pregnancies. So her opinion on guns (or anything really…) is worth slightly less to me than a runny, sick bowel movement. At least the bowel movement can tell me something useful about my health or relative lack thereof…


A new issue of Woodpile is out, please check it out before proceeding here.

But, but, thats unpossible!

People dying? With the Sacred ACA Legislation in place? I doubt I can trust such effrontery to be factual!

All for now. Peace.

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