6 Feb 2019

Nancy Pelosi, noted drunkard from California and former Miss Lube or some such, made the comment “… a wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation”. To this Taki’s Mag  posts a response “Who we are, evidently, are the people who aren’t here yet.

To which response I feel it my Christian duty to add: who the fuck do you think you are to define who ‘we’ are as a nation you screeching harpy?!? You think because you ‘represent’ a misbegotten mish-mash of diversity worshiping moral degenerates that you get to make that sort of exalted claim? You clueless, toxic bitch! You have no authority to comment on what makes us a nation. You are barely on your meds or sober long enough to even connect accurately with your own perverted constituency!

Um, next

Nice to hear that Florida is dropping Common Core!  You see Lord Vader, they can be reasonable… But its sort of like a hole: in order to get out you must first stop digging before you can fill it in. And since it will take a year or so to remove we can safely say they have planned to stop digging, they have not actually stopped yet…


Roll eyes. Democrats in Oregon.  I would call them idiots but that would do a disservice to true idiots everywhere. These dumb bastards are willfully ignorant. Time to go to the 4th box for them I suspect? Of course, they may just be using the old trick of asking for everything so that they can get just a nibble. Assuming it isnt already required I would guess the .gov permit for a firearm. If it is required then the magazine restriction…


Rashaad Thomas has his panties in a twist. The self-centered narcissist is triggered because ‘he’ is not represented by artwork and takes offense at the noted picture. So what you twat! He suggests sacrificing one image for the greater good. I agree, this is a fine principle. I motion that we sacrifice him for the greater good as well. He obviously offends people in general and me in particular. As I am part of the greater good, I think he can be safely, uh, removed as a benefit to society.

I guess thats all the hate I can muster at the moment. More later after I digest The Speech last night…

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