25 Jan 2019

Just a thought, given the headlines of the last few hours: if the .gov does re-open, however temporarily it may be, to pay loafing federal workers AND does so with no wall funds I anticipate a precipitous decline in Trumps approval numbers.

Here we had the opportunity to reduce the federal beast. Had it by the short hairs you might say. To squander that over some sob stories about fed.gov jerkoffs that make far above the private sector average is pure weakness. Dont spout off to me about compassion or similar drivel.

As a private sector employee I have to manage my finances well enough so that I can withstand shocks to my system. You live large by the beast, die large by the beast. Assholes.


Jabba the Hut hits it right on the nose. Not getting paid? Then dont go to work. That’ll show us useless ‘citizen’ types who’s the boss of us and how useful we really are! Go ahead, strike you parasites, just like the Greeks. I can hardly wait!

Who took my frogs and bikini clad slave girl?


Aussie’s. Gods bless ’em!


This, if true, is what you call a ‘False Flag’.  Reference ‘Reichstag Fire’ if youre history minded, 9/11 if conspiratorially so…


So in Jungian terms what does it mean to be fighting with someone in your dream and while you stab them all over their body they stab you in the face repeatedly…? Asking for a friend…


And that is it for the day. The Endarkenment proceeds.

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