24 Jan 2019

tech and big bro merge? Well yeah, probably. The read is long, but unfortunately probably necessary. My .02 is that this is probably how the transition from public to private governance occurs over the next 12 years. Faith and confidence in the clown shit-show that is government at all levels continues to degrade so the sheep turn to big bro tech to cover their needs. Better learn good password creation and protection. Write that shit down in a safe place not online so you can forget about it for a few years if needed. Sign up for everything, give them a target rich environment and clutter their radar…


Here is a curious site to consider following…   an ex-pat in Nippon maybe…? Particularly interesting and useful are the posts on model based decision making a la the CARVER Matrix. Bet you a dollar it will be used against you are some point…


A quick aside here: the new WordPress layout sucks enormous green donkey balls and I hate it with a passion! I use lots of links and the link function has turned into this clumsy clusterfuck of a shitstained, cum drool process. So I apologize in advance to all my imaginary readers for the lack of posting, the posting that rambles more than normal, any links that take you to porn or – worse – a democrat site, etc, etc. Back to our regularly scheduled programming:


well hell. Time to head out. More later I guess.

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