21 Dec 2018

Welcome to the Winter Solstice, one of the Pagans 4 holiest days of the year!  Everybody gotta feel welcome, dig?  Lets start…

A super curious turn of events with The Wall.  I have watched the GoFundMe page grow from under $5 million a day or so ago to just under $12.5 million at press time.  This brings some questions and thoughts to mind:

Obviously this has hit a nerve with the populace.  Im thinking that perhaps the Regeneracy part of the 4th Turning Crisis is here.  It started with the election of Trump and is gaining with the Build the Wall push.  The people assume that their wishes are both heard and ignored in the Capitol.  Trump was an initial shot across the bow.  The stunning turnout on The Wall is a second shot.  Should Mordor on the Potomac continue its course I think the shots will start coming in more, uh, concrete forms…

Related, former has-been ‘actress’ Alyssa Milano, noted for her cringe-inducing performances on tv and the occasional movie, has been reported as mocking the triple amputee vet that started the GoFundMe page.  She thinks he should be taking care of vets instead of funding the wall.

Gosh baby, maybe some of the taxes that are extracted from us by force could help with that instead of going to illegals who prune your flowers and wax your ass.  Seems to me if that is the result of the wall then he is, in fact, helping.  Perhaps you could help by ceasing to use oxygen so desperately needed by other humans…


Buzzfeed notes that there are 12,000 golf courses in the United States (they actually used the word ‘America’ which I consider to be a misnomer) and 6,000 immigrants waiting at the border.

Um, so?  They weren’t clutching their pearls about it while Obama was cooling his heels on the course for the most rounds of golf since Eisenhower!  But explanations aside, I stick with ‘so what?’.


Google said, with a straight face, they won’t sell the tech.  Seriously.  Now quit watching us and please don’t believe all those leaks.  Yuk yuk…


Paul Harvey hit it out of the ball park in the 80’s and 90’s when he used the phrase ‘browning of America.’  While whites may be more numerous than any single, given minority, they are going to quickly become a minority overall when compared to all non-white groups.


Here is an example of the comments I get that require moderating: “Hy there, What we fulfil the need here is , an wonderfuldonation
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The only thing I left out is the hyperlink it contained.  Come on folks, computers, or whatever is generating this shit!  If you’re gonna try and scam me at least use SOME grammar!


Speaking of grammar.  Rudolph Hesse was the editor of Mein Kampf for Adolf Hitler.  I guess that makes him the first grammar Nazi!  Laugh you filthy animal, you know it was funny!


13 Dec 2018

The Boy Scouts of America, Scouting USA as they refer to themselves now, are considering Chapter 11.  Which means they are probably already deep in discussions of how to make it happen.  A sad end to an organization beloved by millions.  The is what happens when you renege on your proclaimed core values of courage and bravery and cave to to Hive.  They drain your carcass and MoveOn.


Interesting thoughts on disobedience.  Very interesting.  Sort of like ‘when to shoot the Colonels’ interesting…


Maxine ‘Lips’ Waters has made, for once, a sage observation: impeaching Trump might cause a revolt from his supporters.  You know, the racist, homophobic, misogynist, inbred deplorables.

Cunning of you to realize that you bigot.  It isnt just his impeachment that could set it off, but we dont need to go there I guess…


It is to laugh, ‘a hah…’  Only 4 years, she promises.  I wonder if she considers that a ‘campaign promise’…


Well what do you know?  People are starting to advocate that its, in this case, ridiculous that Ocasio-Cortez Guacamole cannot constitutionally run for Prez.  Who is surprised by this, raise your paw…?


Cry me a river.  You, as a generation, screw up the world, fail to save two nickels to rub together and try to impose your hypocritical views on everyone else then cry because you cant take it easy and retire.

Well fuck right off Boomers.  I dont give one good damn.  You have ensured that I will never be able to retire thanks to your locust like habit of consuming everything before you.  Welcome to the show.

And that imaginary readers, is that.  For now.

11 Dec 2018 on Pullups, Hee Haw and the Destruction of Civilization

I was listening to a podcast the other day on Lucid Dreaming and the girl had a charming phrase that I simply MUST steal: imaginary readers.  She referred to her imaginary listeners, but you work with what you have, right?

So you are all now Official Imaginary Readers(TM).  And a couple of Non-Imaginary Readers.  Congratulations, who would have expected a promotion so early in the day, and on a Tuesday at that!!


Have any of you IR’s (did you see what I did there…?) seen or heard of David Goggins?  MoFo holds the world record for number of pullups in 24 hours, over 4,000!  Let me tell you, I would be lucky to be able to do 4 in 24 hours!  Here he is nowadays:

And here he was prior to getting after some fitness:

I doubt I have permission to use his image so he’ll just have to find me a sue me, but in the meantime I must give him a big Hee Haw Salute!!

Which brings me to a point of order today: It is the very folks in Hee Haw that are routinely mocked, derided and vilified by the Hive.  They are generally portrayed as white, male, patriarchal, backwoods, redneck, nosepicking bumpkins.  Inbred if lucky.

They are cast this way because in living memory, they are and have been the most gentle, self-effacing folks around.  Able to laugh at themselves and their weaknesses whether moral, intellectual, physical, etc.

They are and have been generally generous having been raised in an era where generosity meant you reached into your own pocket, not someone elses.  Many, now gone, were raised during ‘Depression I’ and knew true want.

Not ‘I cant get a good internet connection’ want or even a ‘I need tire for the car’ want.  No, they knew the deep want of hunger and insecurity.  The deterioration of the nation into near Argentina like conditions where hunger walked hand in barefoot hand with the population, or most of them anyway.

Clothes were at a premium, as was shelter.  Todays tent cities are squalid to be sure, but nothing like a tar paper shack in 1937.   Luck would have it made of corrugated tin.  I know a woman who was raised in a re-purposed chicken coop.  Now that’s called recycling you whiny bastards!!

These same folks are pilloried with impunity at the peril of the Hive for it is the Hive policies and patron saints that brought on Depresion I.  If you insist on existentially threatening them again you are going to awaken the Saxon.  And as the saying goes, when minorities riot they destroy neighborhoods.  When whites riot they destroy civilizations.

So please, find goodness where you can and appreciate it on its own terms.  David Goggins is an amazing athlete, and a damned fine motivational speaker.  Hee Haw was a great show about a better time.  Its ok to be white, just like its ok to be any other color of the rainbow.  Dont fuck it up by pushing your luck.

3 Dec 2018

Herewith are some headlines from the mornings news.  I have linked to them, with my initial reaction being the link color.

Reason No. 1 to NOT send in your DNA. What, you think the database doesnt already exist?


A prime example of what happens to a country when run by the Hive for roughly one human lifetime. Somewhere in this story Im sure there is a 4th Turning tie-in, I can just feel it in my bones!


The Pope grows a pair? Go ahead, suppress the urge some more, what could possibly go wrong?


Has anyone seen Hillary lately?  This one will bear some watching…


Arrogant, egotistical, self-centered, narcissistic bitch! Typical of the Hive sense of self-importance…


Someone has finally looked around at their country and said ‘Vait a minute, ve are ze superior race here!’


Ok, which country snatched him?


Seems someones have a poor concept of what manliness has always been about. Read the comment thread, very much worth your time.

More later.  Work now.