28 Nov 2018 z on Immigration

Let’s talk immigration, AGAIN.  I’ve had debates with people before an inevitably you have to use an analogy.  My go to so far has been: you come home from work one day and discover someone in your home.  You naturally freak out.  What do you do?  Do you go for your gun and hold them there until the police arrive?  Do you just call the police?  When the police arrive how does that conversation go?  They broke into my home and I want them arrested and put in jail!  Or just remove them from my home and tell them not to come back?  In either case, most people (I’ll explain why most in a bit) want them arrested and put in jail.  What happens if they plead their case?  They explain that they really needed a place to stay, they didn’t break anything and that they are willing to work in order to stay there?  They will clean the house, do the dishes, run errands, etc.  Do you let them stay or not?  Some people cannot, or will not, be able to make the correlation between this and someone coming into our country illegally.  This is the reason I said most people earlier.  Some will tell you it’s not the same thing and you can’t use that analogy.  When asked why, they offer no reason other than “it’s just not the same thing”.  These are the same people who think that the experiment of going around a college campus with a petition to redistribute GPAs is different from redistributing money or wealth.

 Because of an article I read this morning, I’m changing my analogy for this scenario.  I think a group of conservative and/or libertarian people ought to get together, go do Washington D.C. and start moving into the offices of Democratic representative and Senate members. Tell them that said groups of people are there to work and they have to be given all the benefits of those who have been hired by those offices in the past.  Wages, insurance, vacation, etc. As well as helping make decisions on issues.  Now how do you think that would go over?  Yeah, me too.  Yet that is what these people are doing to the American people.  The article this morning, as well as a television story the other night, tells us that these people want EVERY vote counted.  Every vote?  Not just the valid ones?  And that they are willing to fight for it.  It’s all about creating a permanent dependent class that will keep these types of people in power through their vote as long as they are given the things they want.

  Think about this for a minute.  We have thousands of people showing up at our southern border.  They are DEMANDING they be let in.  They are claiming they have a RIGHT to be here.  All the while, they are throwing rocks, and waving the flag of the country they are, theoretically, fleeing.  WTF?  The left, for their part, show video and pictures of the border patrol using tear gas to disperse the crowd.  Then they say it’s being used against children.  Here we go again with the kids.  They seem to have a conflict of interest or ideals or something, I don’t know what.  It seems as though as long as, as a human being, if you haven’t yet drawn breath, you are fair game and can be killed at any point.  As soon as you draw breath, thought, NOW you MUST be protected from everything.  Well, not everything.  Now we have a judge that has decided that the ban on female genital mutilation is unconstitutional.  Again, I ask, WTF?  Best I can tell, this is another practice that was introduced to this country thanks to immigration.


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