27 Oct 2018

z noted the other day that water is wet.  Filed under that same brilliant observation comes this news regarding the corruption of the CBC.  That stands for ‘Congressional Black Caucus’ for you plebes.

Can you imagine the coverage if the CWC (White Caucus) was guilty of such indiscretions?  Hell, can you imagine the ear-splitting whine from the Hive if such an organization even existed?!?


Winter is coming.  And you know it has to be correct, the lady has a Russian surname you can actually pronounce!  Plus its getting cold.  I recall as a wee child human in the early 70’s the people in charge of scaring us real good were all about the cold.  I tend to believe it, though some question whether it was a consensus…


Some items here from The Woodpile Report, just too damned good to leave to a static link up top:

CJ Roberts, Spectator – Chief Justice Roberts watches as justice now is converted to mockery by Left “Progressives” who lost the Presidency in 2016. Every time the President of the United States seeks to exercise his Constitutionally granted executive authority, the Democrats and their Left allies race to West Coast federal courthouses in search of a judge, who rapidly enjoins the President’s action with a sweeping nationwide order extending far beyond the judge’s local jurisdiction. The system makes a mockery of the courts, as Chief Justice Roberts now desperately realizes. It creates a cynicism towards the rule of law by manipulating and leveraging judges into pawns of Democrat “Progressives.”

American’t, American Thinker – Truly great disasters come like a thief in the night. How many see that the United States is at what some call a tipping point, what others may call a Fourth Turning? Whatever you call it, the American republic is in its last days. The so-called Left, ever violent since its French Revolution birth and as power hungry as ever. This isn’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party. Voters this time empowered closet-communist, sexual devolutionary, rabble-rousing, low-I.Q., no virtue, ignorant freaks who often encourage political violence by their Antifa-Brownshirt useful idiots. So it’s not your great-grandfather’s America, either.

Stagnation, Nautilus – Nothing is moving in the foundations of physics. One experiment after the other is returning null results: No new particles, no new dimensions, no new symmetries. Sure, there are some anomalies in the data here and there, and maybe one of them will turn out to be real news. But experimentalists are just poking in the dark. They have no clue where new physics may be to find. And their colleagues in theory development are of no help. Even if the LHC finds something new in the data that is yet to come, we already know that the theorists’ guesses did not work out. Not. A. Single. One. How much more evidence do they need that their methods are not working?

Gender, American Greatness – Millennials, those poor saps, have been so gender-whipped as to have been rendered essentially genderless—I mean sexless. Magazines that promoted the “sexual revolution” are now wondering why Americans aren’t having more gender—I mean sex. What do we gain by turning women into men and men into women? If the end result of “feminism” was in fact a biological male, then what good was feminism? If males can now transform themselves into the objects of their desire, are they women in sex or only “gender”? By hijacking the Civil Rights movement, grammar, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and anything else that comes to hand, the Left has managed to beat common sense and history into temporary submission. Is this the world you want to live in?

Read it all, each issue is jam packed with common sense goodness!


Lets end the day with this little gem from Heartiste.  Diversty + Proximity = War reference list.  Get your catching up done if you havent been following along in class…

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