26 Nov 2018

And that is the correct response when someone refuses to leave you alone.  Eventually you just have to kill them!  Let us meditate upon this wisdom….

Welcome back, lets start!

Ah, geez, not this shit again!  home prices getting all weak in the knees?

Money makes life better than faith, well, for Americans anyway.  What a surprise.  Show me the money!    4th turning tie in bonus: people lose faith in, uh, Faith during a Crisis…

No surprise to regular practitioners, seems exercise might keep you younger.  Ever wanted to be young with  your current knowledge and skills?  Here’s your chance!

Dystopian future indeed, looks like Running Man was the winner!

The freshmen of the House have a thing or two to learn about power and how to use it.  Rule #1: stay in power at all costs, something Pelosi knows all about.  An elephant may forget, and that old dingbat may lose her mind, but once she knows your secret you can forget ever controlling yourself again.

What?  College football players ‘fraternizing’ with dance team members from an opposing college?  Who ever heard of such a thing!!  Heresy!! Info here if interested in this sort of non-story.

Surely such a thing has never happened…  Soros selling stock before a crash?  Lucky bastard!  Sorry, I couldn’t locate a single appropriate meme for that.  How odd…

Because he’s complicit! is the answer.  the question is why would the Chief Justice issue a rebuke/ denial like that when the truth is as plain as the nose on your face…?

Can’t run for Prez due to age no doubt, but dont expect that to stop her from bitching like a whiny little girl about it.  The Constitution is only useful when it supports her agenda…

Is it just me, or does this girl look like she should be doing Amateur Columbian Porn clips?

Yep, there are a loooot of crazy bastards out there…

Well thats it for this morning, I think Ive been hateful enough.

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