15 Nov 2018

Dude, you’re embarrassing yourself and the rest of the Non-Disney aligned Star Wars fans as well…


Z Man (not -z) has some comments regarding trust in society.  Systematic dishonesty destroys society.  As I see it, neither of our Uni-party factions have been even remotely trustworthy for, well, my entire lifetime.

The Hive has been honest in private and dishonest in public.  The ostensible Right has been dishonest in both public and private.  Hence the incredible accuracy of Martin Armstrong’s models regarding incumbents and the general tide of opposition to them.

Such leads to the likes of Trump, Ocasio-Cortez-Guacamole, Stacy ‘HeMan’ Abrams (probably) and many, many others who have been diligently unseating the long term incumbents.   Do go read it.


I’m starting to think this frumpy old heifer is merely trying to draw attention to herself and, realizing how well attacking Trump works for Little Jimmy Acosta, has figured it may boost her, uh, sagging (?) popularity as well?   Attention whore I suppose.  Heavy on the whore!

The difference is that people actually WANT to see the object of her attack, in this case a woman who is more gorgeous on her worst sick day then the Ol’ Hen has ever been on her best!


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