14 Nov 2018

My apologies for the unseemly hiatus, I was busy.  And by ‘busy’ I mean ‘lazy’.  And working.  I was working.  Some.  Moving on, lets cut into this tumor and see whats out there today.

Never ones to let victory get in their way, the GOP is reported to be looking for another ‘Cheney’ type to help them find a winning message.  Apparently the winning message Trump actually achieved is not to their liking, so they are looking for The One to help them retake second place.  Its like their comfort zone.


I will freely admit I know nothing about this, but the headline is intoxicating: Here Come the Hoverbikes!  Oh.  Fuck.  Yes!


Ok, I’ll say it once and then move on: blame for the wildfires in California can be placed not only on the idiot that set the fire, but on the Environmentalists that have insisted on letting the FUEL grow to such incredible density.  Burn baby burn!  Otherwise I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of life and property out there.


Well here you have it.  None other than noted Financial Analyst Supreme Bette Midler has made her pronouncement on the so-called ‘woes’ the stock market is experiencing and the cause is…. Donald Trump and his Hateful Rhetoric!

I shit you not people, this perpetually aggrieved harpy is out selling the point.  I figured it was a no-brainer that the Hive would try to a) make the market look bad and 2) blame that on Trump.  But trotting this tied old Nag out to start the ball rolling?  Really?


Aaaaand they’re here.  Migrants arrive at Southern Border.  You didn’t think that story went away just ‘cuz the election was ‘over’ (i.e. being gamed in the courts…).

Now, where were those Troops…?


Well, I guess immigrants dig it here and they are gonna show up not matter what.  We obviously dont have the cajones to shoot them which I think would stop them in relatively short order…  The funny thing though is that once they get here they start to look Conservative IF they assimilate in any way, shape or form.

They dont want those dirty bastards they left behind here any more than the rest of us do.  Its sort of like having your little brother or sister tag along on a date.  Your chances of getting some drop to near zero!

That’s enough for this morning, I have actual work to get back to.  More later as warranted.


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