9 Nov 2019

Lets start.  Today is the anniversary of Kristallnacht.  for the publicly educated amongst us that is when the Nazi Party (you know, the National Socialist Workers Party, sort of like the Democratic Socialists of America today…) spent the better part of the overnight hours beating up cats.  Uh, Jews.  They broke into the homes and businesses of same, shattered windows, dragged the bastards out into the streets and politely invited them to leave town.

Well, some of that is correct, you can find more details at numerous sites.  Real tragedy and all that.  The thing is the tension had been building for some time and the smart Jews got out while the getting was good.  The ones left around were either unobservant sons-a-bitches, broke, or stubborn to leave.  They were the ‘it cant happen here’ crowd.  Something we may want to consider today with Antifa running around.


Something I dont quite understand.  8ch and 4ch are pretty rough places to go visit.  There is censorship at the major sites such as Facebook and Twitter, what about the chans?  Who hosts those sites?  Why are they not a target (or so it seems) of the Hive?  I am inherently suspicious of anything electronic.  If it emits a signal of any kind it can be tracked by someone with the knowledge, skill and incentive to do so.


Looks like someone is in agreement with my Neil Young assessment yesterday:

“I just read a headline that reads “Neil Young bans Trump from playing ‘Rockin’ in the free world’”.  You would think that people who make money from non-conventional jobs, such as musicians, would want as many people listening to and buying their music.  I have to agree with Mike Huckabee, I’ll take money from anyone and everyone, especially those on the opposite side of the political spectrum from me.  That way I can spend their money on things that matter to me.  Just sayin’.


More later?  Maybe.

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