8 Nov 2018 addendum 1

And now I am pissed.  I have a Starbucks S’well bottle.  It was given to me and, though I thoroughly detest Starbucks and all the SJW bullshit for which they stand, I accepted it because I appreciated the gift and I believe in misappropriating things like that and utilizing them for purposes that oppose the Hive.

Well this fucking piece of shit has gotten the better of me I must admit.  Its utter uselessness is a marvel to behold!  The neck is too narrow to admit a normal sized scoop of something simple like hot chocolate, aminos or hell even Kool Aid!

Further, the cap of this piece of trash (my apologies to trash everywhere, I do not intend to drag you down to the level of this thing) builds up pressure so that every time you open it the contents have a mini ejaculation all over whatever you are wearing, working on, thinking about, dreaming of or imagining.

I would be perfectly willing to let someone take it provided they could prove its destruction with some sort of military grade ammunition or other military/ commercial ordnance.  Destruction by military armor or heavy construction equipment would also be acceptable.

A white phosphorous grenade would be the most preferred provided a video was made of the destruction.  However these are all moot points as it would require giving up some anonymity to relinquish ownership of this steaming pile of cow shit to another human.

So I will figure out something else to do with it and update you when it happens.


Better be careful, its a slippery slope when you point out the legal definitions of things like battery…  Video abounds and there are many, many, many instances out there of ‘battery’ on Trump supporters and Normals by the Hive!  Could have lawyers and jailers waist deep in work for decades!


Slow afternoon, nothing blowing up yet which is sort of a bummer.  Perhaps something good will happen overnight.  Peace!

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