7 Nov 2018

Well that was somewhat anti-climactic.  I am a proponent of gridlock so I am actually a bit pleased with the outcome last night.  Does anyone truly believe that Trump will sign ANY legislation originating in a Hive controlled House?

Even better, the House can now impeach away and demonstrate their madness and powerlessness.  After all, the House impeaches, but the Senate (now ‘solidly’ controlled by Republicans) tries the case!  As the yutes would say, ‘LOL’…

Personally, I think Trump’s 2020 re-election was just cinched last night because the Hive will be 100% unable to restrain themselves for the next two years.  Also, Trump is already a candidate, duly registered with the Federal election Commission…

Just my two cents.


Aesop has some, uh, specific words for outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan.  One of the better lines:

     This is the one man in America who should be hounded and cat-called and annoyed at every restaurant he dines at forever, until he dies, or gets ahold of a gun and one bullet, and does the honorable thing.


Its a no-brainer to me that the races were, at least on the Hive side, largely illegitimate.  Probably on the Republican side as well, but for sure on the Hive side.  Multiple voters, Soros funded agitator groups, non-citizens voting, etc were all designed to make sure they won, dammit!

I cant say that I am disappointed.  Sad, yes.  Much like putting a beloved pet to sleep I am firmly of the opinion that the nation cannot be healed or re-united and must be brought to as speedy and humane an end as possible.

I’d really like to see it happen peacefully. Perhaps if we just start ignoring each other?  I dont know.  What if we all Go Galt?  Is this how the Mayan society collapsed?  People just wandered off into the jungle, started digging roots and having conversations with the birds?

Sigh.  Next

Two things that I accept as Gospel:

  1. a people get the government they deserve and
  2. the true wealth of a country is its people and their productive capacity

Bad omens for us!


A comment from Z:

So, here’s the thing about the national election yesterday.  I firmly believe that even the Republicans want the Democrats in power.  Why, you ask.  Very simple.  Let me explain.  Even the Republicans thought that Hillary was going to win the last Presidential election and thought that they were going to lose the house.  They were absolutely prepared to go on opinion and news programs and grandstand about issues.  Things like “what can we do?  We’re not in power”, or “we are trying to get (place issue here) done for our constituents, but the Democrats have a majority.  There’s nothing that can be done”.  My prediction is that we will start seeing that very soon after the newly elected candidates are sworn in next year.  Buckle up folks, it’s going to feel a lot like the Obama years for the next couple of years, if not more.


Fits very well with this article .


Gettin’ close to lunch and even worms and buzzards gotta eat.  More later, probably.

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