1 Nov 2018

Ah, I am so glad to see November arrive!  There is something about the 1st that has always refreshed me!

I had to laugh at the very brief headlines on Drudge last night.  Something about a very credible woman accusing Robert Mueller of rape.  Well, nothing would surprise me to be honest, especially from him, but I suspect a scam.

Most telling though was the Hive reaction.  The very same hypocrites who two weeks ago were screaming about believing every accuser immediately referred this one to the FBI to investigate as a scammer.  To the Anti-Hive credit, most seem to dismiss this much the same way they did the idiocy that was Ford.


A potential new source for your consideration.  Recommended by WRSA so good enough for me, at least for now.  Time will tell.


Um, Master,

how are you going to get them?


LA Times Hedges Bets.  Seems a bit cynical to me, but hey, it is California…


They say an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped.


Blue wave?   Damp mist?  Red tide?  Who knows.  I suspect the youth, widely touted as being very active this midterm and voting heavily democrat, will surprise everyone.  That or they have already figured out how to vote multiple times and are just doing some good old fashioned vote rigging.

Either way I guess we’ll be a step or two closer to the Korean Roof Dance

All for now.

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