30 Oct 2018

Some light posting this morning…

Stay out of Sarajevo or as Remus says, Stay Away From Crowds.


War of the Worlds, 80 years ago tonight!  Fake news has been around for some long time, eh?


Ouch, that’s gonna hurt the Hive down the road, lack of fuel and what not…

But wasn’t it great when the Mighty Kenyan said he had a phone and a pen?


OMFG!  Hilarity from Popp via Aesop.  The money quote: your parents and teachers wont tell you the truth to spare your feelings, but an asshole will!


Interesting.  Chick-Fil-A is now reputed to be the happening place for teens, dethroning Starbucks.  How can this be?  Chick-Fil-A is run by a bunch of homophobes dont you know?  Starbucks is soooo Progressive!  What the hell is the matter with these teens?  Dont they realize what they are doing to the country?!?

Lets hope…

All for now, lunch beckons.  Peace.


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