29 Oct 2018 addendum 1

Funny how I am starting to hear tons of radio advertising from Hive PAC’s during Conservative Radio times.  Some are forthright and admit their leanings, others like DCCC.org try to hide their bias.

I dont think anyone on the planet has yet to decide how they will vote next Tuesday.  Nothing at this point will change their minds, such as they are.  No matter what happens to try and discredit Trump his supporters will not leave at this point.

No matter what happens to make the Hive look bad, their supporters will not leave them.  And so it goes.  Perhaps I should volunteer for one of the Hive org’s so they think they have more ground support than they actually do?


Visiting blackpac.com (I cant imagine an whitepac.com) we see them define how they build power:

  1. Define the debate: Through creative media and campaigns, we make it impossible for politicians to ignore urgent issues in our community.  And we hold them accountable to elevating and acting on those issues.
  2. Get our people out: We provide new resources, along with best-in-class research, to support increasing levels of voter education and mobilization in federal, state, and local municipal races across the country.
  3. Build it to last: We advocate for our agenda 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Between elections, we mobilize our communities to hold politicians to their promises and to stop destructive policies from reaching our communities.

Well that’s interesting.


Sad to see Apu will be leaving the Simpsons.  Stereotyping, offensive, something like that.  Of course, portraying the other characters as:

-fat, lazy, clueless, cowardly father (Homer)

-sleazy, lying, stealing corporate thief (Burns)

-closeted homosexual, sycophantic yes-man (Smithers)

-insolent, spoiled brat (Bart)

-socially inept nerd (Lisa)

-slack jawed yokel (Cletus)

-lazy, corrupt, donut eating slob (Wiggums)

-stupid barkeep (Mo)

-corrupt, sex fiend politician (Quimby)

-condescending, uptight, preachy Christian (Flanders)

…these are all ok and acceptable.  Hm, I wonder what culture or race they have in common…?


Why did CNN whiten this picture?

Its like they got someone from central casting for NCIS or Law and Order, lol!


And that folks, puts an end to my day.  Headed out, see ya manana!

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