26 Oct 2018

Oh my.  The FBI gets their man?  Let me guess, white male?  Initial reports have him as being in his 50’s, former resident of New York (presumably City?), known to law enforcement, history of making terroristic threats against judges.

Sounds like a leftist to me.  Here is the bet: if he is, the bombing story will get memory holed like it never happened.  You know, sort of like the Vegas shooting last year.  ‘We dont know what caused him to snap!  Look, a bunny!’


Well Ill be damned.  After how many years they finally got us on one?  An actual Trump supporter!  The thing is, I dont care, nor do I suspect do millions of others in the country.

It is blatantly obvious to me that this guy felt he had to do something to protect Trump from the non-stop, 24/7/365 attacks of the Borg.  It was how he rationalized the violence, just like the idiot that rationalized the violence against Scalise and the Republicans last year.

He was ineffectual and amateurish, but you can rest assured the next one wont be.  Lessons will be learned- on both sides- and the pressure will increase by a pound or two…  So if anyone ancillary is to blame other than the perp, I look at the media.

You cannot incessantly exploit divisions and fault lines for politics (as the Borg have done for at least 50 years) and then complain when there is an earthquake.  I stole that from Forward Observer by the way…


A short day I think.  More as needed later and throughout the weekend.

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