24 Oct 2018

Explosive devices sent to Soros, Clintons and Obamas?  Sounds dodgy to me.  Its their people that are the experts at making bombs and deploying them…


Ah, Lyndon Johnson, noted pussy hound and now serial killer.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and when the wielder is corrupt to start with how efficient does it become…?


You are not your body.  A revolutionary concept that has been with us since the dawn of time…


‘Algorithm’ is a word much used in the news these days.  I wonder how many people actually know the definition and how it differs from the term ‘Logorithm’ (hint: a lot).  Do you homework and find out.


While reading somewhat aimlessly this morning I ran across a piece on Lincoln.  I consider him to be perhaps the most despicable meat sack to ever occupy the presidency.  Why?  Because he was the Obama of his age: ruthlessly political, drunk on power, racist beyond words, hypocritical in the extreme.

The loosely organized federation of states that was These United States became The United States because of him.  Power moved from the states to the central government.

So the country as founded really only lasted roughly 80 years before morphing.  But wait, there’s more.

Due to his machinations, the devolution of liberty continued into the debacles that were the 16th and 17th amendments, setting the autopilot on crash and wandering off into coach class to mingle.  This set the stage for the dictatorship of FDR who essentially set himself up as King for Life.  Thank you Death!

So the country as established/ altered by Lincoln only lasted roughly 80 years, but headed clearly in the direction he desired.

FDR sped up the pace of Big.Gov ad made the last 80 years possible and successful beyond his wildest dreams!  So for 160 years we have been on one side of a cycle with liberty and freedom being repressed with Machiavellian ruthlessness.

So the 4th Turning continues.  Of passing note, the President in each of the former cases died while in office.  Be careful Mr. Trump, I dont want to see you go prematurely, but Godspeed if you must, and thank you!


All for now, everyone should believe in something and I believe I’ll go get lunch.

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