23 Oct 2018

A couple of long days with actual work getting in the way.  I know, priorities and all, but I am hopelessly addicted to eating so what are you gonna do?

The impending debacle at the border seems fine tuned to keep us distracted from something, much like an illusionist would do on stage.  That someone or ones are behind this caravan of malcontents is plain to me.

As Deep Throat said all those years ago, follow the money…  Shouldn’t be that hard, with little to no rule of law anywhere on the planet.  a few deft keystrokes and a head turning away at the right moment and viola!  You have the source of the funds.

Also ask the question ‘cui bono?’  Latin for ‘who benefits’ it is wisely applied to damned near every aspect of modern life.  So… cui bono from a privately funded mini-invasion of the US during the fall season less than three weeks from election day?  Be prepared to show reasons.


Some dude (?) named Silver predicts there is an 86% chance the Dems take the House.  Yeah, I don’t know.  Polls are notoriously weak the last few years.  I suspect that no matter which way it goes, we will hear unending claims of Fraud and Illegitimacy.  Just they way we have been taught that it goes now, thank you Mrs. Clinton.

Of what possible use could 3.5 million extra voters be?


New Woodpile Report is out.  Be sure to check it out!


Its been a long day, rather tired and lots of errands after work.  Good night to all, more as the Spirit moves…

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