20 Oct 2018

I somehow found myself over at Wikipedia yesterday and ran across the most delicious oxymoron at the entry for Timbuktu: ‘important medieval West African towns.’

Had to share.

Its Saturday here so I suppose the posting may be light today.  I have a wedding to attend.  I know some kids running off on some damned fool idealistic crusade and there is no talking them out of it.

But good for them, I suppose declining marriage rates have been one of the hallmarks of our declining western civilization.  So much so that ‘important 21st Century American city’ may one day be an oxymoron in its own right.


I own, or am owned by, a German Shepherd.  This one is particularly nosy, and I am thinking to might be the beginning of a new sub-breed, the East German Shepherd.  These nosy types are descended from the dogs used by the Stasi of old…


There are innumerable tests one can take on the internet willing to tell you your personality type and other arcana about yourself.  Ive done a number of these over the years and the results generally line up with the actual professional tests Ive served as guinea pig for.

INTJ is the Briggs Meyer type most commonly referred to, though there are others, such as the Eannead.  US population listed as between 2-3% depending on your source.  Im wondering if these traits carry with you from life to life, or if they reset so to speak.


I dont recall where, but somewhere yesterday I encountered a comment about the great libraries of antiquity always being destroyed somehow.  If not destroyed then secreted away (i.e. Vatican Archives, Nag Hammadi).

This led me to wonder about the Internet.  Quite possibly the greatest library known to man in modern times.  I cant help but worry that there are legions of demons out there that would take no greater satisfaction than to see it destroyed or curtailed (looking at you China, with sideways glances at the NSA…).

It has been a truism for me, since I heard it from Paul Zane Pilzer years ago, that the speed mankind progresses is proportional to the speed with which we communicate.  Pondering defensive measures may be useful.


Damn I feel stupid.  Wedding is tomorrow.  I found this out upon arriving to find the groom, with 20 minutes to spare, in jeans and a t-shirt, no guests in sight.

Small, informal affair like that it will not be…

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