19 Oct 2018

Z sent me a followup comment last night ‘I’d rather have my left nut caught in a car door.’

I know, it sounds cryptic…

Lets start the day.

My experiment with altered sleep patterns is going well enough.  I slept for a few hours after work, then got back up and kept myself busy till about midnight.

Part of that was wandering a local Big Box store.  I normally avoid those as best I can because, you know, Remus Rule #1.  Anyway, at 10pm this one was surprising quiet.  While wandering, I got to wondering and a few thoughts started tripping out in my head.

One being that for the last twenty years Hollywood has portrayed the Bad Guys as being, variously, Nazi’s, Christian, White Supremacist, White in general and Russian.  Whaaaaaaat?  Russian?  That bastard Trump!!

But hey, there is no programming going on you Racist Nazi Russian Gangster!  Vigilant Citizen does a great job of breaking a lot of this down.  Top Men in the field, you might say.


Another thought whilst ambling amiably though the aisles of generally cheap Chinese junk: Is it possible that the Nomads of the Millenial Saeculum could be the generation to make good on Mr. B. Franklin’s threat?  I hear a great many people commenting on the mutation of our Republic into a Mob Ruled Democracy.

It is when the Nomads move into elderhood at roughly age 60 that they take the reigns of power and start to steer society.  A great many of the Founders were Nomads it might be noted…

That will occur in another 10 years give or take.  And there are a great many cycles that will be converging at that time…  The question is what comes next?  The Nomads nod and smile politely as they are given their marching orders but inside they have different ideas about how things work best.

Sort of the way the White Elitist Leftists are learning that the POC Diversity they have imagined leading all these years suddenly have different notions about what they want to do with Power.  Heh.

Next, on to the news!

Seems nobody has figured out yet what the X-37B is doing up there.  400 days at this point…


Phew!  Cavers are some crazy fuckers!


Another fleeting thought: US elections will probably never be valid again.  Since 2000 there has been more and more suspicion about rigging.  Now that the Deeps have gone off the reservation with accusations, hints and allegations the Normals will never be able to trust that a Deep win is a real win.  National divorce anyone?  And so it goes…


If the Deeps are so certain of a win next month, why are they advocating so much violence?  Its like they are desperately trying to get a Normal to flip out.  Do they not realize the important lessons learned from Road House?


It takes a lot to rouse a patriot to action, they have jobs and obligations that don’t allow for being arrested and tried, even if the ultimate outcome of the experience is exoneration.  -Christian Merc


hmnh.  Rosenstein has decided to grace Congress with his presence after all.  The interesting thing to me is that he traveled to Florida with The Anti-Christ Trump on Air Force One.  It was after that trip that he no-showed his date with Congress, then maybe had a change of heart?  WTF?


American Renaissance has some interesting thoughts on the ‘Hidden Tribes’ report mentioned a day or so ago.  Worth the read for the perspective.


Pretty tired this afternoon, will spread more hate and discontent later.

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