16 Oct 2018

Mr. Trump has $100 million towards his re-election so far.  I recall right after he was inaugurated hearing that he had filed papers for re-election.  At first I thought it was absurd but at least honest.  All politicians immediately set to work trying to keep their seats anyway so he was just being upfront about it.


It seems that the whole self-identification scam has been around longer than we suppose.  To hear Elizabeth Warren tell it her great-grandmother, once, twice or 50 times removed, was Injun but self-identified as white because racism of course.  And that is why Warren can ID as indian now.

Welllll, by golly!  I guess this means I can identify as not only 1/2 indian by adoption but I’ll bet there is a little nigger in the woodpile somewhere as well, which means I, too, can swagger around and call women ho’s and wear my pants backwards, half down my ass.

All without culturally appropriating anything!  Score!!

I guess her Twitter rant yesterday means she is temperamentally unsound for office.  Well, assuming we use the Dems Kavanaugh Standard of Mental Fitness and Social Decorum.

Look Liz, when I was a pup I applied for a position on the local police force.  I was young and didnt know any better, please dont hold it a’gin me!  Anyway, I had several demerits right off the bat: white as the day is long, male, college dropout to name a few.

So I told them I was half indian.  The man listed on my birth certificate was indian, so why not?  I was trying to game the system.  It is what the system was made for!  Just admit that was what you were doing and we’ll all wink and nod appreciatively, smile to ourselves and head home.  No harm, no foul.

But keep trying to tell us that you are a by God Genuine American Indian (TM) and all we are going to do is laugh at you and call you deranged.  The polite among us will do it behind your back, the rest of us will just laugh in your face.


I notice that the MSM seems to be awfully quiet about Hillary’s revoked security clearance…  I wonder why they aren’t throwing their regular tantrum and accusing the usual suspects of Racism(TM).


Depending on who is doing the writing the midterms will either be a total victory of the Dems or a total wipeout.  On one hand I see article after article about how energized the Rep base is, mainly due to the Dem attempt to Kav, uh, I mean shiv, Brett Kavenaugh.

On the other hand I read articles saying that the Dems are outfundraising the Reps almost 2:1.  Hm.  I wonder if there is a way both could be fact…  Maybe if someone like Soros was in the mix perhaps?  Just because the average donation is $34 means nothing.  Political parties are nothing if not clever and crafty.   Either side can launder huge donations and repackage them as small donations.

Im thinking here of the way subprime mortgages were sliced, diced, chopped, pureed and processed then sold as smaller and smaller bits of American Goodness.  Since both parties are wholly owned by the Banks I suspect the tactics would be similar.


Jared Taylor made a sage observation at a post over at American Renaissance: ‘the reason they (blacks) and Louis Farrakhan don’t want their own country is that they know they would end up with Haiti, not Wakanda.’

Ouch.  But good observations on voluntary separation.


I mentioned this post yesterday at Lew Rockwell about Q Basics.  I didnt quite get the link function yet so thought I should put it up today again.


I could make some comments on why I write here, but it really boils down to one reason only: stress relief.  I am firmly of the opinion that reason has long fled the scene in our nation and all that’s left is blind, religious ideology.  The left, by any name, has their Feelz that motivate them and it makes sense to them.  The right, by any name, has their Feelz that make equally just sense to them.

Neither side is likely to even look for middle ground.  A few may unwittingly find it, but as with the truth, most will just pick themselves up, brush themselves off and move on as if nothing happened.  There are more important things to consider such as lunch, or perhaps the latest SportsBall score or rivalry.

As one who is of the Black Pill mindset I merely await the kickoff of the Great Korean Roof Dance.  And while I wait I spout off here.  I did so at Blogger.com for awhile, but really I despise Google and want to use as few of their services as possible.  So I pay for the privilege of this site and maintain it myself.  No dissent is tolerated.  I run it as I see fit.  Dont like it?  Go buy your own website and fuck off.


By way of history, I was a Doomer before it was cool.  Since I was 15 or 16 I have been convinced the world will end with something between a whimper and bang, but end it will.  At least the comfy one to which we are all accustomed.

You want to complain about White Privilege and Racism and -Phobia-du-jour well you go right ahead.  When the lean times get here, and they will, you will learn what true prejudice is.  And, I might add, will exercise plenty of it on your own behalf.  You may feel some shame afterwards, but if you survive you’ll manage to sleep most nights.


I am a fan of the cyclical nature of the physical universe.  Some of the cycles I pay attention to are the Saecular Cycle (as noted in the work ‘The Fourth Turning’), the Economic Confidence Model (Martin Armstrong), the Road to Serfdom (F.A Hayek), the Seasons (ref. Mother Nature, God, etc), the Precession of the Equinox, etc.

Every now and then we find ourselves at a junction where multiple cycles converge.  Those times are exceptionally stressful on humanity and nature alike.  I think we are in one of those time periods now.  The regular effects of the cycles are what created the ebb and flow of history.  The magnified effects during these times are, um, potent…


Mentioning ‘the Road to Serfdom’ sparked a semi-dormant thought.  We are doing a fine job of rhyming with Germany, pre-WWII.  The part of the cycle we are in is about when the Strong-Man arrives on the scene after everyone is sick and tired of Central Planners fucking everything up.  For better or worse, he takes power.  Usually worse.

Now combine that with the Saecular Cycle.  The last Crisis period we saw FDR seize power for an unprecedented 4 terms!  And probably more had not Death mercifully ridded us of his zombie-like carcass!

The Crisis prior to that saw Abraham Lincoln, noted rapist of Liberty.  He also grasped power greedily, like a man dying of thirst goes for polluted water.

I think Mr. Trump is that Strong-Man for this time.  There will be no stopping of changing it, just have to roll with the punches.  I like Trump for being a fighter.  He does what no political milquetoast has done for my entire lifetime.  But I would lie if I said I wasnt worried about the inevitable day when he gets the power he lusts for.


Alyssa Milano leads Hollyweird into the midterms saying ‘its all personal now.’  Lol, sweet dumb girl.  Its been personal all along.  It will only get more so…


Lunch.  More later via Addendum.

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