15 Oct 2018 addn 1

OSaw a kid at the gym today on the rock wall. Hanging there in mid climb, whimpering. His belay said he has been like that for several months.

His dad was there watching with what I can only guess was disapproval. I hope he isn’t the one insisting on the boy climbing or he’ll hate it and fear heights all his life.


As is the case with most actors in Hollywood I am not a big fan of Edward Norton. He seems to think that his status as an actor gives his opinions special weight, which is not, in fact, the case.

That being said however, I watched the Illusionist this evening and very much enjoyed not only the storyline but his acting as well.

He’s still a knee biter though.


i think it’s time for bed, some thoughts on the duality of depression and spiritual awakening beckon. Perhaps a lucid dream is on its way…

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