15 Oct 2018

A very poignant post over at the Burning Platform.  ‘The Lathe of Hell’ and I highly recommend it!

Lets start the week.

Yet another summary of the Q Phenom over at Lew Rockwell.  This one a bit more succinct and easy to follow than others Ive read.  At least for my retarded self…  The takeaway for me: 8chan/patriotsfight/ is the board to follow for the time being.


So I mentioned some time back that I was wondering how to vote next month seeing as I think it mostly an exercise in futility.  Jury is still out.


Ah, the game of pretend.  The chief occupation of childhood…  It has now become the chief occupation of millions of voters who failed to mature into adults.


Thank you Senator Warren.  It seems that we have reached the point now that was prophesied in the great movie ‘The Incredibles’.  Everyone is now special, so nobody is.  Good job.


Some progress was made on the website over the weekend.  Now I am just awaiting a link to login for the first time, then its off to the races!

All for now, rather tired today.

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