Masks, Inflated New Cases and Future News

It strikes me that one of the results of the over-reporting of ‘new cases’ of Covid-19 is that it allows the Taliban pushing for control to say ‘see, it worked’. Here in a few weeks or a month they can resort to regular, honest reporting and the number of ‘new cases’ will slow to a trickle.

Once they have pulled that sleight of hand, it will give them street cred when they want or need to pull the wool over the the wool producers once again down the road.

Hegelian Dialectic at its finest. Just a thought.

Car Warranty and Student Loan Offers Unaffected…

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Antifa Command Structure Notes From

Antifa Command Structure

Antifa Command & Control Structure in field action.

Structure, insignia and other identifiers.

Antifa tactical units are organized into standard ‘company sturctrure’ of up to 20 individual soldiers under the immediate control of a comany commander. While there are ‘special units’, most notable the ‘reconnaissance & coordination’ teams of bicyclists, the base of the C&C structure for Antifa is the company.Company commanders are ‘first lieutenants’ and may be idenfied in the field by their actions within the group, and frequently by possession of DX SDR units of some form. These ‘duplex (send/receive) software defined radio’ units will be small, and most probably attached to a smart phone. It is through the SDR’s that the encrypted commands are passed to operational units. On arrest, 1st Lieutenants have been observed disarding their identifying equipment as well as destroying their phones.

First Lieutenants can also be identified as being the local hub for bicycle traffic. In observations of rioting/looting activity, particularly with long distance videos of qualtity, bicyclists can cleary be seen reporting to 1st Lieutenants & even seeking them out in the mob. For this activity, bicyclists have been noted to employ ‘proximate apps’ to locate their units & commanders.

The Anitfa field orgnaization has up to 4 companies reporting to a ‘captain (coordinator)’. Antifa Captians may be identified by common actions & equipment. Captains are ‘free floating’ within the mob movement, but will always be associated with increased bicycle traffic as well as ’emblems’ of authority/command. These emblems include sepcific types & shapes of video camera gear. Antifa soldiers are trained to center on the emblems of both 1st Lieutentant as well as Captains. Some of the Captains have been observed pulling their command together by holding up the long lens video camera overhead while running a pattern of flashes from the light bars. These are swept around the mob & new organization results.

Captains control and coordinate their company commanders by use of the SDR devides & will be observed in the field speaking into throat microphones while receiving by ear plugs or in-built headphones in their helmets. So far, all identified captains have been observed to be wearing some form of short coverage helmets. These appear to be adapted from the forms used by rock climbers. Captains will also be indentified by the apps loaded on their phones, the SDR units,

In field actions, captains can be most frequently spotted by their movements coordinating 1st lieutentants. Their most often observed task is enforcing discipline during the riots. In video footage of the day time looting in CA, the captains can be observed running up to enforce movement of specific companies that had been bogged down in looting, rather than attending to the mission being directed by the captain. In such incidents the first action of the captain is to force the soldiers attention on the video camera being waved around. Once recognition of rank is obtained, the captains can be seen pushing & forcing Antifa soldiers to specific actions, including pointing out their 1st Lieutenants. Captains have also been observed directing companies to attack specific locations they were identifying from maps on their phones. Looting has been preplanned for specific strategic and tactical goals as has been observed with the complex Antifa C&C actions at the looting of the Melrose high end Art store in CA.

In the field, Antifa C&C structure can be observed to include a ‘Colonel’ rank. These Colonel Antifa commanders are identified by being always accompanied by a ‘squad’ of up to half company strength used to control & protect the Colonel within the mob movements. Colonels have been identified as their supporting soldiers created paths for them through active riot areas. Other identifiers include near constant attendance by bicyclists, many of whom have ‘rolling command centers’ of digital & other equipment on racks on the bikes. As with Captains, the Colonels will also most frequently be seen wearing helmets, many with antenna off the back. These are part of the encrypted SDR systems that have been found to be hotspots of radio activity during riots. Antifa relies heavily on digital equipment, but other than minor levels of encryption, appears to be unsophisticated in wider applications, nor do they appear to be aware of their vulnerability to location by EMF triangulation.

The Antifa command and control structure, as so far observed, does not expose any levels higher than Colonel to visibility. All the ‘General’ level field officers have so far only been observed in vehicles being used as coordination centers. These have been noted to be extensively modified with electronic support systems.

The structure of Antifa in the field most closely resembles the ‘color’ revolutions created by the CIA. The tactics employed so far in these Antifa field actions have very simiular targets & tactics as was observed as far back in time as the Viet Nam conflict, and in other arenas in which the CIA created wars and destabilized regimes.

While this is the end of this report on the Antifa C&C structure, it is worth noting that, in the observations taken from video footage, there is a suggestion of an ‘Unknown Actor’ (UA) within the activites involved in the looting. This UA is, like Antifa, organized, and can have many operatives within the mob at any given point. This UA does not appear to be engaging in escalation, rather appears to be most focused on ‘tagging’ the Antifa, with the presumed goal of identifying active members. These ‘tagging’ incidents have been observed employing very sophisticated UV light reflective paint ‘dots’ and ‘lines’ being placed on individual Antifa by UA agents using what appears to be a ‘nylon tipped marker’. Several of these markers with no product identifying marks have been recovered in debris following looting episodes. Also in one instance, a small bag of magnetic field reflective ‘dots’ of self-adhesive vinyl was also recovered. It is assumed that UA is using these as trace & track methods for their own purposes. The UA agents are exceptionally well trained and disciplined, exhibiting awareness of video activity sufficient to allow these agents to not yet be identified.

Further descriptions will be provided as the analysis of the ongoing actions continue. Check back periodically or follow on twitter & GAB for notices of new postings.

RIP Remus

Word from various parts of the internet that Remus of the above linked Woodpile Report has died within the last week from a cancer diagnosed approximately three weeks ago. His emails arrived from ‘Remus Milsarvia’ I think. Whether that was his real name or a pen name I dont know.

I do know that he is almost singly responsible for helping to adjust some of my thinking as an adult and I will sorely miss him. May whatever God or gods there be go with you and keep you safe from the monsters under your bed and in your psyche my friend.

Stolen Comment

From a readers comment over at WRSA:

…something did spring to mind the other day when pondering some of the AAR’s on various Antifa and BLM “protests”.

Note that historically, almost all European colonial armies made use of the “native elements” by first and foremost assigning to them “White Officers”, who knew their jobs (usually), and in the beginning of organizing such units White NCO’s as well.

Secondly, such “Native” units were almost always paired with “European Troops”, regiments or battalions of Europeans (often as not Irish, or other put-upon “nationalities” within the European country’s boundaries) in order to make them steadier on the field. “Stiffening their resolve in the face of the enemy”, as it were.

It was noted over the centuries that while very aggressive (perhaps too much so) in the attack, when any sort of resistance was encountered, or a reverse happened, they would fall apart and as often as not run for their lives without Europeans there to give them courage, resolve or whatever you would like to call it.

One may come up with all sorts of reasons for this system being emplaced, but the bottom line is that Colonial Corporations such as the various East India Companies, which were definitely profit-minded and pinched pennies until they screamed, spent a lot of extra money on building this system, so they had good reasons to do so.

What the present situation looks like to me, again based upon various AAR’s and photo’s, is that the Left is doing the exact same thing with their “ethnic” (read BLM) auxiliaries. White men (almost always men, BTW) are giving on-the-ground orders, and the units are “stiffened” in their resolve by adding into the mix a lot of fairly well organized, and less flighty White kids (read Antifa) into the mix.

I thought that it was rather interesting, this revisiting of the old Colonial attitudes and methodologies being applied today in the present unpleasantness. Asin the days of yore, they must have good reasons for it. It also points to at least one major weakness in their system, which ought to be able to be exploited in one way or another.

Dictionary Update

Media WordReality Word
BLMterrorist group BLM, BLM terrorist
cis-gendernormal person, man, woman
far-rightcentrist, right-wing, person
hatenormal reaction
hate crimecrime, legal act
hate speechwords, quote, speech
homophobeman, woman
liberalprogressive, far-leftist
mediapropaganda outlet
pridesin, perversion, sodomy
problematicfine, normal, expected, harmless
pro-choicepro-killing (the lives inside would-be mothers)
protestriot, illegal gathering
protesterthug, criminal, vandal, rioter, looter, thief, insurrectionist, murderer, arsonist, rabble-rouser
racistwhite person, person, man, woman
systemic racismthe absence of racism
transsexual manwoman
transsexual womanman
transphobeman, woman
vilebanal, harmless
white supremacistwhite person, person, man, woman
When you use their words, they win…